Bulldog News Week of 6.05.2017

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Thanks for a great week of testing! One more day! Keep kids focused and motivated to do their best!

Testing Essentials

We’ve got one more day of testing! We can do this! Here are some key things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you check your email Monday morning for last minute changes and updates;
  • When your class is logged in, you may begin testing. We no longer need to wait for the entire grade level to start at the same time;
  • We are making shifts to proctors daily. Please make sure that you have a proctor before testing begins
  • Read Aloud iPads – If your student has read aloud accommodations they will not be able to use their iPad for testing. We will supply them an iPad to test with. If you are the test administrator for a student with read aloud accommodations, please make sure we have given you enough iPads. If you the that student’s homeroom teacher, please collect their iPad, they don’t need to leave the room with it.
  • When you are done with testing, please return all testing materials as soon as possible. Students should be finished with all questions, exited from the test they were logged in and returned to the NCTest main page and iPads collected.

This week of testing ended well because of your hard work – thanks for all you have done and continue to do!

nevererasedquoteTest Scores – We have shared scores, at least what we have, yesterday. While some scores are not where we want them, please keep in mind that we have all agreed to embark on this journey. This is the work we have agreed to. As one of my favorite superintendents used to say, ‘This is why we raised our hands.’

We will continue to collaborate, purposefully and come up with work that is aligned to standards and is engaging and empowers our students to be independent, critical creators and thinkers. Stay heartened because we need you to keep motivating kids!

We need to encourage and motivate all students who made a 1 or 2 to attend summer school. We want to encourage all these students to attend the two days, for summer school to retest. This is the opportunity to replace that 1 or 2 with a 3 or 4 or 5!

Give them an uplifting talk and a hug! Nothing is more invigorating to a student than hearing from their teacher that they believe in them! That’s what keeps them working hard!

Grades are downloadDue! – As soon as you can up in your exam grades, grades are due and need to be posted.

As part of your check out procedures we are asking that everyone email a pdf copy to grade level admin and Mrs Lipe.

Summer Meeting Dates – Please make sure you have given your summer planning dates to Mr Brown or Mrs Henley. We are arranging our days based on your feedback. We need this information to help us plan the best dates.`

Moving Rooms – If you are moving rooms next year, please begin preparations for what you will need help with moving. Have a good conversation with Mr Gillion about what needs to be done

Awards Days – This is one of the things we can be most excited about at the end of the year! What a great time to celebrate all students.

Many have already prepared their awards for students. A list of student with +200 Lexile growth was emailed to each grade level with a request for special recognition certificates. Please communicate with your team and determine who will complete the certificates. Students with growth between 100-199 will also receive a certificate. Those will be printed and handed out next week.

Special Recognitions

Our yard sign presentations were a huge success!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  • Yearbooks go home on June 6th. They are $53 while supplies last and they won’t last long
  • Encourage all students to return all library books. We are missing a little over 300 – lets get them in!

Over the summer the library will be undergoing some changes. We are switching from the traditional Dewey Decimal system to a genrefication system. I have spent a good bit of time researching this process as well as the pros and cons of this system. It is my hope that this new library system will excite our more reluctant readers and help make finding books that peak their interest a little easier. Here is an article about how this change helped change a schools culture for the better! http://www.slj.com/2013/11/reviews/ditching-dewey-hot-topic-in-hartford-aasl-2013/#_If you have any questions or concerns or would like to volunteer your help 🙂 let me know 🙂


Great Dance Success

Shout out to Mr Bowman and some dedicated band moms [talk about a dedicated group] and their fantastic success with the last dance of the year. What a great way to make some serious ‘BENJAMINS’ going into the summer!

This is a great lesson in not being afraid to innovate. Pre-selling Chick-fil-A and pizza and having some snacks available to fuel these middle schooler’s hyperactivity into the evening was an incredible success! Let’s not be afraid to change up practices and beliefs to try some new different things! We may realize more success than we envisioned and, like Friday night, we may give students a tremendous experience.

[It ain’t a middle school dance without The Wobble]


tech solution-300New Tech Deployment!

We get new laptops and iPads June 12th at 10:45! Great way to start the summer getting acquainted with a new friend!

We are going to be chauffeured this day on one of our grand transports 😉

You will have to know you email and email password this day for the event. Like many, this is automatically populates in a field when we log in so you may be hazy with the password. Please take time now to retrieve it.

We also need your cords. Please make sure you bring your old cords so that you can receive new replacements.

iPad Collection – Instructions for collecting iPads from your students are here – EOY iPad Collection

Please make sure you have reviewed this prior to collection begins. If you have any questions, please make sure you speak to him. This includes login procedures and the schedule for when and where people are to return their iPads.


Uniforms – Our uniform closet is a blessing to many. It also needs all of our work and attention to keep it up and going and available to serve.90f28484124508de395ef44b4e9c7d64

This Thursday, we will be allowing a Jean Day for any student who wants to turn in their uniform for us to restock and keep our closet effort going.

Encourage your students to clean and donate their uniforms!


Monday June 5

  • Science EOG/NCFE
    • Check your email for updates
    • Once you are logged in you can begin testing
    • Make sure your proctor checks in with you. If you don’t have a proctor, notify a school administrator
  • Jean Day – WRMS

If-you-can-imagine-it-you-can-achieve-it.-If-you-can-dream-it-you-can-become-it.Tuesday June 6

  • Band Booster Meeting
  • Jean Day – WRMS

Wednesday June 7

  • Math 1 Testing
  • iPad Collection – 6th/7th Grade
  • JeanDay – WRMS

Thursday June 8

  • iPad Collection – 8th Grade
  • Visitors to Building – D.R.I.V.E. [Observing school and talking to some students and teachers]
  • 7th grade Awards Pixel A – WRMS Media Center This event has notifications.11:30 – 1:00pm
  • 7th grade Awards Pixel B – WRMS Media Center This event has notifications.1:00 – 2:30pm
  • Jean Day – Free for turned in uniform

Friday June 9

  • Last Day for Students/Early Release/Staff Workday
  • End of the 9 Weeks Grading Period/Report Cards Go Home

Monday June 12

  • Required Workday [Remember to TAC in]
  • New Tech Deployment @10:45 – BRING ALL CORDS FOR TURN IN

Tuesday June 13

  • 3253b7411ec18760804ff3f7127aea2b.jpgOptional Workday [Remember to TAC in]

Wednesday June 14

  • Optional Workday [Remember to TAC in]

Thursday June 15

  • RSS Summer School – Reading

Friday June 16

  • RSS Summer School – Reading



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