Bulldog News Week of 5.21.2017



I want to take this time to thank you for all you have done, continue to do, and will do in the future to make West Rowan Middle a special place.

Our students appreciate it, our parents rely on it and I love you all for it. Without you and and your dedication, nothing happens. Thank you so much for what you do. dm

Engagement and Empowerment Everyday

By now, we have all seen the real success and power of Breakouts! Students are all about the challenge and diving deep into solving problems ahead of them. These are great, handy examples that we can teach and cover concepts in a fun way.

It is definitely not traditional. It takes some effort on our part to reconceptualize teaching and learning but it is worth it.

Here is a video I took from Mrs Powers room:

This wasn’t a breakout lesson but you can see students at all levels correcting others, engaging each in real talk.

Students know their material when they are defending their answers, collaborating with partners and correcting false thinking, building new knowledge, creating answers to questions that aren’t on the table. All these things are possible with vision and planning. Mrs Henley, Mr Pittman and Mrs Shue are available to help anyone plan deeper. Remember, when we change our practices STUDENTS win.


Check us out celebrating our students who’ve read 80 Achieve articles!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks to Mrs Henley and Mr Brown for helping deliver signs to our students front yards [and media centers]! This was awesome!

We need your help in building up our reading culture. Mandates give us the minimum, we need to tap in our students love of reading, we even need to build UP a love for reading in some. Let’s think of that going into next year.

Celebrate > Mandate

#bulldogsread                #bulldogsachieve

Summer School – West Rowan Middle will be a summer school site this year. We will only be hosting WRMS Bulldogs. If you are interested in teaching Math, ELA or Science for those days [see calendar below] please reply to the email from the central office.


Imagine the school that transforms lives and the community – make WRMS that place.


  • Guided Access – We will be setting up the iPads for guided access on Wednesday in PE.  Please remind those students who seem to forget to bring their iPads to school to have the here on Wednesday.
  • Teacher iPads – If you are not using your teacher iPad please bring it to Mr. Pittman.  We want to use it for testing.  It will be erased and set up as a testing iPad.  This will help us greatly on the day of testing.  Thank you to Mrs. Horton, Mr. King, Mrs. Thompson, Mr. Brothers, and Mrs. Shue for already turning their iPads in!
  • Apple Classroom – Big shout out to Mrs. Powers for being the next teacher to try out Apple Classroom.  Mrs. Brooks has been using it in her classroom with great success!
  • Schoology – Some teachers have asked what needs to be done to save what they have in Schoology.  Essentially nothing has to be done. Once the grading period ends all active courses will automatically be moved over to the archived section of your Schoology account. Here teachers can still access their content and move it into active courses in the Fall. However if teachers would like to 1000% make sure they saved their content, all they need to do is move it to their Resources folder in Schoology.


Compassion Project – Please e-mail or see Mrs. Horton to let her know of any students whose compassion project should be recognized as exceptional or truly making a difference.  So far she has heard from Branham, Shue, Henley, Wilkinson, K. Brooks, Bowman, Kohler, and Scearce.

I know it is on the end of the year checklist, but instead of waiting until June, please let Stone know of any students that should be kept separate next year as soon as possible.  Mrs. Lipe is already working hard on scheduling.  And thank you to Ms. Kohler for your quick response.  You are really on top on things!

All cumulative folders will be divided into homerooms prior to dismissal on June 9. You will have until the end of the required workday (June 12) to complete your folder responsibilities. More detailed instructions to come!


For any students who are wondering about yearbooks we have about 50 left to sell. When we run out we will not have any more left to sell. They are 53 dollars and will be handed out on June 6th.

We want to show the world the awesome things that take place in your classrooms every day! In an effort to do this we are posting weekly picture albums on our schools social media pages! If you take any pictures in your classroom or at sporting events this week please load them onto this album: https://goo.gl/photos/54FYLniFxnXKZN6C7 Thank you!

Over the summer the library will be undergoing some changes. We are switching from the traditional Dewey Decimal system to a genrefication system. I have spent a good bit of time researching this process as well as the pros and cons of this system. It is my hope that this new library system will excite our more relucctant readers and help make finding books that peak their interest a little easier. Here is an article about how this change helped change a schools culture for the better! http://www.slj.com/2013/11/reviews/ditching-dewey-hot-topic-in-hartford-aasl-2013/#_If you have any questions or concerns or would like to volunteer your help 🙂 let me know 🙂

Our makerspace is being used daily! This is a great thing 🙂 but it also means that we are running through supplies quickly! If you have any old craft supplies, cardboard, glue sticks, Legos, magazines, construction paper, duct tape, etc lying around your house that you no longer need your donation to our makerspace would be greatly appreciated!



Monday May 22

  • Enrichment – Remediation

Tuesday May 23

  • Enrichment – Remediation
  • Rising 6th Grade Parent Meeting – 5:30 pm

Wednesday May 24

  • Enrichment – Remediation

Thursday May 25

  • Enrichment – Remediation

Friday May 26

  • Walk-Thru for Testing Locations during Enrichment

Monday May 29

  • Memorial Day Holiday
  • Happy Birthday Mr Sells
  • Happy Birthday Mrs Jordan

Tuesday May 30

  • Happy Birthday SRO Lindley
  • Happy Birthday Mrs Roach
  • EOG Pep Rally

Wednesday May 31

  • Happy Birthday Mr Burns

Thursday June 1

  • Math EOG

Friday June 2

  • Social Studies NCFE
  • End of Year Dance – ALL Grades

Monday June 5

  • Science EOG/NCFE

Tuesday June 6

  • Band Booster Meeting

Wednesday June 7

  • Math 1 Testing
  • iPad Collection – 6th/7th Grade

Thursday June 8

  • iPad Collection – 8th Grade
  • 7th grade Awards Pixel A – WRMS Media Center This event has notifications.11:30 – 1:00pm
  • 7th grade Awards Pixel B – WRMS Media Center This event has notifications.1:00 – 2:30pm

Friday June 9

  • Last Day for Students/Early Release/Staff Workday
  • End of the 9 Weeks Grading Period/Report Cards Go Home

Monday June 12

  • Required Workday [Remember to TAC in]
  • New Tech Delployment – BRING ALL CORDS FOR TURN IN

Tuesday June 13

  • Optional Workday [Remember to TAC in]

Wednesday June 14

  • Optional Workday [Remember to TAC in]

Thursday June 15

  • RSS Summer School – Reading

Friday June 16

  • RSS Summer School – Reading



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