Bulldog News Week of 5.08.2017



Celebrating Our Kids!

With time winding down at the end of the year, one of the natural inclinations for educators it try to cover material we may have missed or spiral back to some topics that weigh heavily on the EOG. Its easy to make this time of the year about curriculum and lose focus on our students.

Kids do the best they can – sometimes they don’t do because they don’t want to or know how. That’s adds a lot of challenge to our job. But at the heart of what we do, we need to remember that everyone, all of our kids, want to feel valued and celebrated and important.

Take some time between now and the EOG and just have some downtime with kids. Give them an chance to press their happiness/engagement reset button! Charge them up to keep working hard. Sometimes just some time on the grass is what we need.

Roster Verifications We will be starting the roster verification process at the faculty meeting tomorrow. Those of us from last year remember this process. Please help along those new to process.

This involves us knowing when students enrolled and withdrew, calculating shared teaching responsibility for EC and some ESL students, and some other things.

It all starts with our EVAAS login. If you have forgotten it or don’t remember it, the process to have it reset is on the website. Here is the link – https://ncdpi.sas.com/ Logging in before the faculty meeting and getting the password reset if needed will save a lot of time.

Congrats to Our Bulldog Volleyball Team!


With hard fought effort, our girls took home RunnerUp in the conference tournament! Thanks to Coaches Hester, Everhart and Dowling for coaching our girls to be tough competitors til the end!

West Rowan Middle hosted the volleyball tournament. We want to thank West Rowan High for allowing us to run games concurrently to help us finish the day early. Thanks Mr Kepley, Ms Brumley, Ms Poole, Coach Greene for helping at the high school site and Coach Epps, Coach Hoffman, Ms Hege for helping at the middle school.

Survey Virtual Learning Day

If you have not taken the survey for our March 17th Virtual Learning Day, please do so today. We will be making a presentation to Board of Education and we need input from the staff. Right now we have input from less than a 1/3 of staff – we need all voices heard. Virtual Learning Day Teacher Survey http://bit.ly/2qQ3gkh 


Compassion Projects Presentations are tomorrow. I’m sure we all excited about some of the things our students will surprise us with.Compassion-infographic

I’ve been in lots of conversations with people about some of the great presentations and work we will see tomorrow and some opportunities for improvement. This is a great chance to talk about how we view work and growth at WRMS.
We want this to be an impactful character building and development opportunity for our students. This project should be such create a lifelong memory for students as when they really made a difference. With this being our first time out, there are bound to be some things that can be improved, some things we could have done better to help more students see more success, made more impact. Those are all things we will reflect on, brainstorm on and plan for better results next year.

Growing is about learning from first attempts and embracing a state of ‘beta’ – testing and redevelopment and retesting. This applies to the Compassion Project and it should apply to our classroom instruction, behavior redirection, character building, mental/physical health, planning as a team, grade level recognitions/celebrations and what we do as a WRMS Community.

Celebrate the good things this presentations this week. When we come together to reflect, bring all suggestions that will help make this a world changing event! Lets encourage students this year to be world changers.


  • New Laptops: On June 12th when you receive your new laptop you will need to know your school email address and your email password.  Also if you don’t bring your charger they will not give you another charger.
  • Loaner iPads: We have 40 loaner iPads at school and all of them are currently being used.  Also, we have about 20 students who are waiting for a loaner iPad.  If you have a student waiting for a loaner iPad please make sure they aren’t missing out on their work. Parents are calling and saying their children are falling behind.
  • Apple Classroom:  If you are interested in trying out Apple Classroom with one of your classes please contact Mr. Pittman.


At this past week’s SIT meeting, it was mentioned not many teachers are aware of the monthly Achieve 3000 recognition celebration. If you take a look at the “All about Achieve 3000 Wall” you will see data representative of each grade level:

  • total number of articles read at 75% or higher
  • progression toward 40 article goal
  • top scoring class and student

After several months of recognizing the top scoring class for each grade level, always ELA, all classes, with the exception of math, are included in the competition. Daily and weekly top scoring students are recognized each week via Schoology. Thank you to those teachers who take the time to recognize and encourage their students. Also, the date, time, and location for monthly recognition is posted on Schoology.

Achieve 3000 has sponsored several contests. The current contest…Spring to Success began several weeks ago. An email with an attached flyer was sent to all teachers, as well as posted on each grade level Schoology group.

We are nearing the end of the year, the level set window opened yesterday, but yet a huge majority of students are not close to 80 articles @75% or higher for the year. As shared in previous emails and weekly Bulldog News posts, students MUST complete AT LEAST 4 articles a month at 75% or higher the first attempt in order for Lexile adjustment to occur. At that rate, an average student CAN complete 40 arScreen Shot 2017-05-03 at 11.16.50 AMticles for the year. However, IF each content area implements Achieve with fidelity (5 step literacy routine), “assigns” two articles a month, and students complete at 75% or higher they are much closer to their 80 article goal.

However, it has been stated by many the lack of motivation if a grade is not “attached,” so why should students “do it.” It’s called “buy in” and positivity. I had the privilege of being a part of a Breakout EDU “whole class style.” Planning and preparation were key to the flow, but WITHOUT the teacher’s excitement, energy, and authentic interest, students may not have enjoyed the learning experience. Body language, inflection, stop and thinks, and probing questions added dimensions of complexity.

Students are very perceptive….they can tell when WE are not:

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 11.19.36 AM


Core schedule this week.

Compassion Project Presentation time is here! Jenny, Mindy, or Lynn will be sitting in each room keeping track of which students present to ensure they get credit for a social studies grade.  Please see schedule that was e-mailed to you to see when you present and who is covering.

We would like to gather ideas for how compassion project could be improved.  Please e-mail us with your ideas for improvement.

Remember we will be on Core schedule this week so that compassion projects will take up 4th block from 1:15-2:20.



Monday May 8

  • Compassion Project Showcase 1:00-2:20 pm
  • Faculty Meeting 2:45 pm

Tuesday May 9

  • Compassion Project Showcase 1:00-2:20 pm

Wednesday May 10

  • Compassion Project Showcase 1:00-2:20 pm

Thursday May 11

  • Compassion Project Showcase 1:00-2:20 pm

Friday May 12

  • Compassion Project Showcase 1:00-2:20 pm

Saturday May 13

  • Bulldog 5k and Fitness Run – Come out and support Your Bulldogs!

Monday May 15

  • Enrichment – Remediation

Tuesday May 16

  • Enrichment – Remediation
  • Spring Concert at WRHS – 7:00

Wednesday May 17

  • Enrichment – Remediation

Thursday May 18

  • Enrichment – Remediation
  • 6th Grade Band/Chorus Concert WRHS at 6:30

Friday May 19

  • Enrichment – Remediation

Monday May 22

  • Enrichment – Remediation

Tuesday May 23

  • Enrichment – Remediation

Wednesday May 24

  • Enrichment – Remediation

Thursday May 25

  • Enrichment – Remediation

Friday May 26

  • Enrichment – Remediation

81b05027683c65213ed382e3a599466dMonday May 29

  • Memorial Day Holiday
  • Happy Birthday Mr Sells
  • Happy Birthday Mrs Jordan

Tuesday May 30

  • Happy Birthday SRO Lindley

Wednesday May 31


Thursday June 1

  • Math EOG

Friday June 2

  • Social Studies NCFE

Monday June 5

  • Science EOG/NCFE

Tuesday June 6

  • Band Booster Meeting

Wednesday June 7

  • Math 1 Testing
  • iPad Collection – 6th/7th Grade

Thursday June 8

  • iPad Collection – 8th Grade

Friday June 9

  • Early Release/Staff Workday
  • End of the 9 Weeks Grading Period
  • Last day for students
  • Report cards go home

Monday June 12

  • Required Workday [Remember to TAC in]

Tuesday June 13

  • Optional Workday [Remember to TAC in]

Wednesday June 14

  • Optional Workday [Remember to TAC in]

Thursday June 15

  • RSS Summer School – Reading

Friday June 16

  • RSS Summer School – Reading



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