Bulldog News Week of 5.01.2017

BULLDOG NEWS!2ea15b8f86f900d88ec9897274de18c7

Its Teacher Appreciation Week! Thanks for all you do! There aren’t enough words to talk express our gratitude for what you do everyday for our students.

They love you for what you commit to doing everyday! We love you for agreeing to all the hard work that goes into making West Rowan Middle a great school and taking care of all our students.

Compassion Project We will have two days this week to have students finalize presentations! Let’s do our best to to help students have great presentations:

  1. Look at all presentations to make sure there are presentable and students know their content.
  2. Keep the print off the slides – Presentations should let pictures tell the story. We do not want students reading information from the slides. Help them either use notecards or memorize talking points from their slides
  3. Give them a pat on the back to encourage them!
  4. Make sure they have invited their families to their presentations






Albert-EinsteinThis week have you noticed students frantically searching for boxes? Have you heard hoops and hollers of success? Sixth grade math teachers are using Breakout EDU to facilitate EOG standard re-engagement. Collaboration and communicate are HUGE when students are working together to answer questions, debunk codes, and break into the next box. The same core values were evident in brainstorming, planning, creating, and setting up the Breakout experience for students. Nussman, Roach, Warren, and myself met several times to determine the sequence, incorporate complexity, and how to encourage productive struggle for students without added frustration.

After the April faculty meeting numerous teachers approached me to assist in thinking through the process and how to adapt the format to their content and curriculum. ANY content can be used for a Breakout EDU learning opportunity, it just takes some critical thinking and creativity to adapt locks, ciphers, and “boxes.”

Not quite ready to Breakout in your class this year…no worries, all students will experience at least one, maybe two by the end of the fourth quarter. I have already received requests from students to create more, with an increased level of difficulty.

SEA System Update: Please make sure to drop by Rm. 708 and sign off on all meeting dates. I need to turn in the PBL SEA System roster so you can receive CEU’s. Poverty book study participants, make sure to initial all but the last.

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 10.46.26 AM


Compassion Project- Look for information coming soon that will tell you what day your groups will present. All presentations will happen the week of May 8-12 from 1:00-2:20 pm on those days.

We will meet with our compassion groups this Thursday and Friday. before presentation week. Please allow your groups to practice their presentations and give them some encouraging pointers.

The Student Assistance Team will meet on Friday during your planning time. Please email Mrs. Horton if you have student concerns.

We are in the process of speaking with all grades about digital citizenship. Our goal is to improve decision making when it comes to social media and cell phone usage, including helping our students think about current and future impact to self and others prior to digital activity.  We also encouraged them to report concerns they may have about other students.


Monday May 1

  • Enrichment Block – Remediation

Tuesday May 2

  • Enrichment Block – Remediation
  • Baseball and Boys Tennis vs Knox Away
  • Soccer and Volleyball vs Knox Home
  • Band Booster Meeting 6:30-7:30 pm

Wednesday May 3thetruthaboutlettergradesc

  • Enrichment Block – Remediation
  • Happy Birthday Mrs Brawley

Thursday May 4

  • Enrichment Block – Compassion Project [Finalizing Presentations]
  • Soccer and Volleyball vs China Grove MS Home

Friday May 5

  • Enrichment Block -Compassion Project [Finalizing Presentations]
  • WRMS Band Carowinds Trip

Monday May 8

  • Compassion Project Showcase 1:00-2:20 pm

Tuesday May 9

  • Compassion Project Showcase 1:00-2:20 pmbaac5a4e8a1251c1b3769f7cec748532

Wednesday May 10

  • Compassion Project Showcase 1:00-2:20 pm

Thursday May 11

  • Compassion Project Showcase 1:00-2:20 pm

Friday May 12

  • Compassion Project Showcase 1:00-2:20 pm

Saturday May 13

  • Bulldog 5k and Fitness Run – Come out and support Your Bulldogs!

Monday May 15

  • Enrichment – Remediation

Tuesday May 16

  • Enrichment – Remediation
  • Spring Concert at WRHS – 7:00

Wednesday May 17

  • Enrichment – Remediation

Thursday May 18

  • Enrichment – Remediation
  • 6th Grade Band/Chorus Concert WRHS at 6:30

Friday May 19

  • Enrichment – Remediation

Monday May 22

  • Enrichment – Remediation

Tuesday May 23

  • Enrichment – Remediation

Wednesday May 24

  • Enrichment – Remediation

Thursday May 25

  • Enrichment – Remediation

Friday May 26

  • Enrichment – Remediation

Monday May 29

  • Memorial Day Holiday
  • Happy Birthday Mr Sells
  • Happy Birthday Mrs Jordan

Tuesday May 30

  • Happy Birthday SRO Lindley

Nikos_KazantzakisWednesday May 31


Thursday June 1

  • Math EOG

Friday June 2

  • Social Studies NCFE

Monday June 5

  • Science EOG/NCFE

Tuesday June 6

  • Band Booster Meeting

Wednesday June 7

  • Math 1 Testing
  • iPad Collection – 6th/7th Grade

Thursday June 8

  • iPad Collection – 8th Grade

Friday June 9

  • Early Release/Staff Workday
  • End of the 9 Weeks Grading Period
  • Last day for students
  • Report cards go home

Monday June 12

  • Required Workday [Remember to TAC in]

Tuesday June 13

  • Optional Workday [Remember to TAC in]

Wednesday June 14

  • Optional Workday [Remember to TAC in]

Thursday June 15

  • RSS Summer School – Reading

Friday June 16

  • RSS Summer School – Reading



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