Bulldog News Week of 4.24.2017


Hope your Spring Break was spectacular! Looking forward to seeing you all bright and early Monday!

The Challenge We have been doing a lot of professional development since I’ve been here on how to make the learning activities we design for students engaging and different and fun and thought provoking. We have made concerted efforts to show and model that things can be different in our classrooms and school.

It takes a lot to make that change but training and commitment are two major things. We have been trained – let’s commit to doing different and better.

We have incredible resources in Pittman, Shue, Henley and Brown who regularly lead PD in focus areas that can help. I would put our PD team up against any other in RSS, NC and the US. Our support is second to none. Are you utilizing it? Are you inviting them to your planning to review what you have created with the express purpose of enhancing it? Do you ask them to about new tools and opportunities for PBLs or LDC modules that can further challenge student learning?

We are all here to help but to help we need to value the challenge. The challenge is where we grow and more importantly where students get more of what they need.

Seeing that student-centered learning is taking place and they are getting what they need is everyone’s mission. Accept the challenge and invite in the different perspectives and see thing different. Students win.

With that said, please give some special thought to your review and ‘EOG’ preparation. We should focus on creating opportunities that are engaging, not drill and kill. Challenge your planning partner to come up with even more rigorous ways to review. Find the balance between letting them practice in format they will see and challenging them with better design.

Survey for Teaching Assignments

We are collecting information for building teams and grade levels for next year. We hope to have critical information from the within WRMS and from central office over the next few weeks to be able to make announcements for team configurations very soon. Before the school year is over its also our goal to let all teachers know their teaching assignments for next year.

Please keep in mind that we know teachers do better where they are comfortable and have experience teaching. Any changes that need to be made are made for the good of the school. Change is difficult but sometimes needed. We want to build strong teams that will do the best for students.

This survey is confidential. Any information collected will used for planning purposes only. Click here for the link.

Summer Planning

In anticipation of next year’s large scale PBLs, adjustments to our Compassion Project, and other planning needs we are starting plans for summer planning now. Our goal is to bring in groups for 2-4 days of planning, including resequencing of objectives, how things can better be taught, partner teaching, etc.

We need everyone to send an email or text to Mr McCoy stating what weeks in the summer are off limit. We will work gladly work around to accommodate and adjust. We will keep you well fed.

Best Practices Reminders – Achieve3000

Can the Achieve 3000 tests be used as a grade?    The short answer is no.

The purpose of Achieve 3000 is to help students grow in their reading ability and become excited about reading as those skills improve.  Averaging assessment scores from first or second attempts of independent articles read would not be appropriate.  The score on an Achieve 3000 article should not be used as a stand-alone grade.

There are times when teachers may use an additional article as part of other classroom activities that are graded.  In this case the overall grade would not be dependent on the Achieve 3000 article alone but would be part of multiple pieces of work students are doing to demonstrate understanding of a concept.

Achieve 3000 Level Sets          Achieve3000’s Post LevelSet assessment is scheduled to begin on May 2.  All students are scheduled to take this assessment.

Teachers can refer to ‘How to prepare students for LevelSet’ here.


Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 4.50.12 PM

This Wednesday after school we have the privilege of being inspired by national speaker.

We are moving our after school meeting time Monday afternoon to Wednesday to hear an inspiring message from Jeffrey Dean.

Dean is national speaker and radio host on teen life and culture. We will be getting a small group inspirational talk from him after school. He will be in our school earlier around 1:00 to visit classes and have some conversations with students and teachers.

This is a great message to kick off our week back and to get us in a good headspace to finish the year strong.


iPad Collection will tentatively begin on Wednesday, June 7th.  For those who were here last year the process will be pretty much the same.  As the time gets near I will have directions for all of you.  Please keep reminding your students that they will need to turn in their iPad (no damage), cord, and block.

TeacherTech – An email was sent out with directions on how to save items off of your laptop and how to sign out of your apple id on your laptops and iPads at the end of the year.

If you want anything announced on the news in the morning please email Mr. Pittman.


Donations to Media Center – If any staff members has left over craft supplies at home that they no longer need to please donate them to the media center. They will go towards building up our maker space supplies.

WRMS Pictures Please We are making an effort to share the great things happening at our school with our community. You can help us by taking pictures of things from your classroom, what you’re doing classroom or what your students are excelling at. If you will please send them to this link, we will do the posting for you. Thanks – https://goo.gl/photos/UHJCdK6kJcc9gKKK8


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thursday, April 13th, I was privileged to attend the first Compassion Bass Bash organized by an amazing group of 6th grade young men. Reaching out to their neighbors and community members, and with the help of family, $170 was raised for Rowan Helping Ministries. 

A large number of our students are interested in affecting the lives of homeless people. However, once in groups how to raise money to either donate to a charity or purchase supplies needed was a topic of conversation. Also, after several phone calls and emails reaching out to Rowan Helping Ministries, the logistics of middle schoolers volunteering became an unfortunate reality.

So, what do a group of West Rowan boys who love to fish do…organize a fishing derby! Due to the intermittent Compassion Group meeting dates, email and phone tag with the owner of The Arbor Events in Cleveland, advertising was not as timely as would have liked…but that did not hinder the excitement and eagerness for the day to finally arrive. 

As each vehicle came down the drive and asked where to park, students and their families became more excited. Several times, I found myself smiling seeing former students trudging up the hill with rods and tackle boxes ready to begin fishing. 

Along with the intentional compassionate purpose of the fishing derby, benefitting the homeless via raising funds for a local agency, another thread of generosity was evident in the relationships emerging. Three of the four boys have “fishing in their blood.” Listening to their conversations, problem solving when a rod or line needed fixing, and sharing of fishing stories, it was apparent they are fishermen. However, one group member has no experience and was definitely a “fish out of water.” The fishermen of the group offered rods, advice how to bait hooks, cast, and subtle nuances needed to catch bass and brim. They saw a need and responded in true Bulldog fashion.

At the conclusion of the derby, after prizes were awarded, parents were already talking about plans for next year! The owner of Arbor Events has already offered to host the next derby.

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/213268320″>Compassion Bass Bash 2017</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/user43109611″>Elizabeth Henley</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


Compassion Project! Look for information coming soon that will tell you what day your groups will present. All presentations will happen the week of May 8-12 from 1:00-2:20 pm on those days.

We won’t meet with students again until the Thursday or Friday before presentation week. Take some time to check up on your students when we get back to see where they are with their projects and give them some encouragement to do their best.

Hope you all had a wonderful Spring Break and were able to rest and have fun. Summer is coming quickly, let’s #finishstrong!


Monday April 24

  • Enrichment Block – Remediation

Tuesday April 25

  • Enrichment Block – Remediation
  • Baseball and Boys Tennis vs Mooresville Middle Away
  • Soccer and Volleyball vs. Mooresville Middle Home

Wednesday April 26

  • Enrichment Block – Remediation
  • Spring Pictures – Media Center

Thursday April 27

  • Enrichment Block – Remediation
  • Baseball and Boys Tennis vs SEMS Home
  • Soccer and Volleyball vs SEMS Away

Friday April 28

  • Enrichment Block – Remediation
  • Happy Birthday Mr Brown

Monday May 1

  • Enrichment Block – Remediation

Tuesday May 2

  • Enrichment Block – Remediation
  • Baseball and Boys Tennis vs Knox Away
  • Soccer and Volleyball vs Knox Home
  • Band Booster Meeting 6:30-7:30 pm

Wednesday May 3

  • Enrichment Block – Remediation
  • Happy Birthday Mrs Brawley

Thursday May 4

  • Enrichment Block – Compassion Project [Finalizing Presentations]
  • Soccer and Volleyball vs China Grove MS Home

Friday May 5

  • Enrichment Block – Remediation
  • WRMS Band Carowinds Trip

Monday May 8

  • Compassion Project Showcase 1:00-2:20 pm

Tuesday May 9

  • Compassion Project Showcase 1:00-2:20 pm

Wednesday May 10

  • Compassion Project Showcase 1:00-2:20 pm

Thursday May 11

  • Compassion Project Showcase 1:00-2:20 pm

Friday May 12

  • Compassion Project Showcase 1:00-2:20 pm

Monday May 15

  • Enrichment – Remediation

Tuesday May 16

  • Enrichment – Remediation
  • Spring Concert at WRHS – 7:00

Wednesday May 17

  • Enrichment – Remediation

Thursday May 18

  • Enrichment – Remediation
  • 6th Grade Band/Chorus Concert WRHS at 6:30

Friday May 19

  • Enrichment – Remediation

Monday May 22

  • Enrichment – Remediation

Tuesday May 23

  • Enrichment – Remediation

Wednesday May 24

  • Enrichment – Remediation

Thursday May 25

  • Enrichment – Remediation

Friday May 26

  • Enrichment – Remediation

Monday May 29

  • Memorial Day Holiday
  • Happy Birthday Mr Sells
  • Happy Birthday Mrs Jordan

Tuesday May 30

  • Happy Birthday SRO Lindley

Wednesday May 31


Thursday June 1

  • Math EOG

Friday June 2

  • Social Studies NCFE

Monday June 5

  • Science EOG/NCFE

Tuesday June 6

  • Band Booster Meeting

Wednesday June 7

  • Math 1 Testing
  • iPad Collection – 6th/7th Grade

Thursday June 8

  • iPad Collection – 8th Grade

Friday June 9

  • Early Release/Staff Workday
  • End of the 9 Weeks Grading Period
  • Last day for students
  • Report cards go home

Monday June 12

  • Required Workday [Remember to TAC in]

Tuesday June 13

  • Optional Workday [Remember to TAC in]

Wednesday June 14

  • Optional Workday [Remember to TAC in]

Thursday June 15

  • RSS Summer School – Reading

Friday June 16

  • RSS Summer School – Reading



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