Bulldog News Week of 3.26.2017


Virtual Learning Day We would like to thank everyone for a great Virtual Learning Day! Even though we haven’t sent out the surveys, with few exceptions, we’ve heard nothing but good things about the day. Students did well get to assignments and their work for the day. This pilot day was an attempt to see how this would work, particularly in our rural area and it went very well. We will be sending out surveys for teachers, students and families this week. With this data and the anecdotal responses from students, we will be present a good picture to the BOE about our virtual learning experience.

Summer Planning We have some grand plans for enhancing learning and teaching next year – Standards-based PBLs, Responsive Classrooms, Compassion Projects and other things. This has been our year of learning these needed changes by slow diving in these initiatives and reflecting on what we need to improve on. Its one of the best things we can do – play around with initiatives at first and build up competencies to see great results later.

To effectively implement some of these initiatives, we need to carve out some time this summer to plan with our teams to plan. With the changes we need to make next year, we all will have to adjust our curriculum sequencing, resources and lots of other approaches.  We will be talking to several groups over the next weeks about planning over the summer. THIS starts the great moves for next year.C7XQUxMWkAApA6Y

Achieve3000 Lessons We’ve been seeing some great Achieve3000 lessons since our last
pd. Keep up the great work! Remember to schedule your visits so one of us can visit during your presentation!


Chris Emdin is a powerful speaker and teacher from Columbia Teacher College. Give yourself some time to hear a great message about what dangerous practices are still prevalent in education and what our actions, intentional or unintentional, can do for students.

Media Matters

Our Makerspace is up and running! Grant supplies are in and our 3D printer is running non stop. We have lots of great circuit kits, coding kits, and other tools available to use in your classroom. Soon I hope to have all science classes come through for a makerspace connected lesson! Please let students know that I advertise 3D printing lesson days on Schoology. All 3D printing lessons are mini lessons during lunch and students are welcome to bring their lunch into the makerspace. I am not printing designs that they were able to find that were created, all designs have to be student created.

April 11th our school will be hosting middle school Battle of the Books. This will take place in the library, makerspace, and computerlab. If you have any questions please let me know.


  • New Laptops – The apple lease was confirmed by the county commissioners for the next 3 years. As we began to plan the transition from our current devices to the new devices, I wanted to let you know that you should start considering how you back up or save the files that you have on your current laptop. All teacher laptops will be replaced. The easiest way to back up your files is to save them to a flash drive or your Google Drive.  The plan is for you to have your new laptop before you leave for the school year.

Henley’s Hurrahs

Want to infuse mystery, suspense, and excitement with your content…Breakout! Breakout EDU…an immersive learning games platform integratesHOTS, collaboration, and competition aligned to your content. Check out the video:


Secret codes, locks, invisible ink, and boxes are just a few of the “tools” needed to implement a Breakout session…we (WRMS) have them all!

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 11.25.33 AM

Schedule change this week…Tuesday’s PD for this week will be on Wednesday.


Summer time is coming!!!  I can almost smell the salt and the sand.  You know what that means.  The rising 6th grade students will be here soon for tours and teaching.  We will be welcoming the rising 6th grade students and their families on April 3rd from 4-5:30.    We will also be hosting Cleveland Elementary on April 3rd, Hurley and Woodleaf Elementary on April 4th, and Mt. Ulla on April 12th.  Please assist in making these students, families, and the elementary staff feel welcome.  

The day time visits of the elementary schools on April 3, 4, and 12 will be from 9:15-10:30.  On these days 6th and 7th grades will swap schedules. ****I repeat on these days 6th and 7th grades will swap schedules***

Compassion Project- The next time you meet with your compassion project groups will be April 10-12th.  At that time please encourage your groups to finalize their presentations.  Earlier this week we placed a paper in your boxes in the mailroom with some helpful hints.

Please keep a list of the students in your group along with their compassion project information and save in a special place until next fall. Many of these projects will make excellent nominations for the Rowan United Way “Service Above Self” awards. Even if your group consist of mostly 8th graders, the credit is given for their time at WRMS since the project was completed here. These awards benefit both the student and the school with the most quality nominations.


Monday March 27

  • DE Techbook Training, Math: 7:30-11:00 Training; 11:30-2:30 Lesson planning
  • Baseball and Boys Tennis vs NRMS Away
  • Soccer and Volleyball vs NRMS Home
  • Track at WRMS
  • Enrichment – Core Values

Tuesday March 28

  • DE Techbook Training, Math; Co-teaching lessons
  • Baseball vs SEMS Away
  • Soccer and Volleyball vs SEMS Home
  • 6th Grade Trip to Discovery Place
  • Enrichment – Core Values

Wednesday March 29

  • Track at Erwin
  • Enrichment – Core Values
  • Professional Development

Thursday March 30

  • Soccer/Volleyball vs KMS Away
  • Baseball/Boys Tennis vs Knox Home
  • Enrichment – PBL

Friday March 31

  • Required Workday

Monday April 3

  • Track @ Erwin
  • Enrichment PBL
  • WRMS 6th Orientation – 4:00-5:30 pm

Tuesday April 4

  • Enrichment PBL
  • Soccer/Volleyball vs CGMS Away
  • Baseball vs CGMS Home

Wednesday April 5

  • Enrichment PBL
  • Boys Tennis vs EMS Home

Thursday April 6

  • Enrichment PBL
  • Track @ Home
  • Soccer/Volleyball vs NRMS Away
  • Baseball/Boys Tennis vs NRMS Home
  • RSS Conference – Experience the Power of a New Public Education

Friday April 7

  • Enrichment PBL
  • RSS Conference – Experience the Power of a New Public Education
  • All County Chorus



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