Bulldog News Week of 3.21.2017


Successful Career Day

Our students experienced an awesome Career Day, Thursday March 16th. They were able to experience a wide hosts of talks and presentations on different potential fields of study and careers. Many of our hosts gave a lot praise to students for their participation and inquires.

Major props to Mrs Horton, Mrs Muire and Mrs Stone for organizing the great event! Thanks so much ladies for all you did to make this successful.

Here’s a throwback from when we first started our collaborative spaces.

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Virtual Learning Success

Our preparations and work for our day of virtual learning was put into action Friday 3.18. In many regards, this was another real implementation of the PD and training we’ve received from RSS with our iPads three years ago.

While I manned the front desk Friday, I talked to many parents about the experiment. They were overwhelmingly supportive to see if this virtual learning is a viable option for inclement weather days. Your hard work and preparation did not disappoint. Friday was incredible successful. I received less than 12 calls the entire day, many were calling for specifics that I was able to answer. The rest were calling to get help with getting in touch with teachers. Thanks to you all for being responsive to texts and emails. Your responsiveness really alleviate a lot of fears and ultimately fill in some knowledge gaps.

Our next step will be presenting the Board with some findings on how the day was. Its our hope that the board will allow the entire district to pursue virtual learning on inclement snow days, not just West Rowan Middle. We may be looking for teachers and students to join us to add their voices to presentation. When we get, closer we’ll put the word out.

Contacting Parents

Please make sure you are contacting parents regarding student performance. This is the time of year, right before spring break, when we are all feeling a little stir crazy. For students, this may mean slipping on work, not being attentive or displaying odd behavior. Our initial response has to be redirecting the behavior and most times that involves a talk with parents AND the student.

The best opportunities for getting parents and students on the same page are when we can talk to both in a conference or when you call home and ask parents to put call on speakerphone so the child can hear and participate. How many times have you been involved in a conversation with a parent and they say things like ‘I don’t know who to believe because you say one thing and they say another.’ Take leadership in these moments and tell parents you want all voices heard so that confusion can be eliminated and we get to problem solving not airing problems.

Whenever I deal with discipline, I always call parents on speakerphone with the student present. I tell parents that we are on speakerphone to eliminate confusion. When I finish explaining the situation, I offer to let the parent speak to the child off speakerphone and always wrap up with on speakerphone asking if anyone has any questions or further input.

Transparency builds trust, trust starts the plan, plans change behaviors.

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 12.21.01 PM
Click on screenshot for link

Commissioners Meeting

Monday, the Rowan County Commissioners will meet regarding our Apple Lease. While the district doesn’t require money from the Commissioners they do need approval from them.

This is a screenshot of the write up in the Salisbury Post. If you are interested in attending, meeting times and date are in the article.

Go to Girls

Many thanks to you all for the successful career day!  We could not have done it without you.  And thanks to West Rowan Grill for the delicious lunch!

Be on the lookout for news about rising 6th grade visits to WRMS.  We want to give a big welcome to our newest Bulldogs.

Dodgeball!!!!  March 24!!!!  Come out and support the teams for a great cause.

Be the change you want to see in the World.

Henley’s Hurrahs

Several Google Forms were emailed on Wednesday:

  • Last ISD Sessions
  • Achieve 3000 and Swivl Check Out

This coming Tuesday the 21st is the first ISD date, completing the Google Form prior to Tuesday is appreciated. Presenters need participant information so they can prepare for their sessions.

I have received several emails inquiring about the Achieve 3000 admin observations from 3/20 – 4/13. Admin has requested all teachers who implement Achieve in their classroom, complete the Google form indicating a day and time they wish to be observed. Per our sessions with Vickie Smith, “If you are going to do two components of the 5-step literacy process, always implement the introduction (all parts) and model expectations for first and second paragraphs.” At this point in the year, those are the only portions of the Achieve 3000 observation tool to be used.

Mr. McCoy briefly discussed the availability of the Swivl for teachers to record and reflect on instructional practices in their classroom. Videoing and reflecting on my teaching has been a requirement of several graduate classes. Enlisting the assistance of a colleague to record was necessary (Thank you Mrs. Reeder) until now. The process is very simple:

  • Complete the Google Form
  • Download the Swivl App on your iPad, and create a Swivl account
  • Set your iPad in the Swivl base, plug it in, turn on the Swivl
  • Make sure to turn on and wear the lanyard
  • The Swivl automatically follows as you move about the room during instruction
  • Once complete, upload the video to Swivl.com, review, and reflect
  • Video Self-Reflection


Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 5.52.55 PM


Monday 3.20

  • Enrichment – Core Values
  • Baseball vs CLMS at Home
  • Happy birthday Mrs Wilkinson
  • Soccer/Volleyball vs CLMS Away
  • Track at Mooresville

Tuesday 3.21

  • Enrichment – Core Values
  • Boys Tennis vs Mooresville at Home

Wednesday 3.22

  • Enrichment – Core Values
  • Baseball vs Knox

Thursday 3.24

  • Enrichment – Compassion Project
  • WRMS Data Visit 8:00 AM
  • Boys Tennis vs Mooresville Away
  • Soccer/Volleyball vs Mooresville Away

Friday 3.25

  • Enrichment – Compassion Project
  • CMS Principal Visit

Saturday 3.26

  • RSS Job Fair @ Carson High School



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