Bulldog News 2.3.2017


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Since the faculty meeting we’ve seen several teachers make concerted efforts to start the class off with a Greeting, a positive message and an agenda for the day. Thanks for this move. This is a Responsive Classroom move to connect with students in your room. Thank you for this. I’ve seen teachers get very creative with their greetings – own it! Its about connecting with kids so make this work for you. They do not always have to be digital, they just have to be about building relationships.

I found this graphic about restorative justice this week. Its a great read and connects well with one of our Core Value INTEGRITY tenets – “I will repair damage I create.” Give it a read and a consideration ofor your classroom. Great way to mesh two needs in the classroom. More resources for reading on Restorative Justice are below.

They Want to See You

The West Rowan Community is fortunate to have so many fans and die hard community members dedicated to supporting school events. This is very evident at high school games and events – there is always a good turnout high school sporting events. Please remember to show support for the Bulldogs at sporting events. Nothing builds relationships and lets students know you care about them, the team and love for the school like teachers cheering for them from the stands. Let them know you care and they will carry that over in the classroom and beyond.


Flipping the Conference

screen-shot-2017-02-04-at-6-55-48-amWe have several teachers who are starting student led conferences soon. We have been communicating this next step for a while and now we can make deliberate step in our mission of ‘Empowering students to achieve academic and personal success.’

Student led conferences is going to be the topic of PD coming up given its school wide focus. At last year’s 5th/6th grade articulation we learned that many elementary schools have been doing student led conferences at a high level for years – our kids already have know how, we just have to get exposed and knowledgeable and let them take the lead.

I was talking to a teacher Friday about her team’s efforts to start student lead conferences and the need for it sooner rather than later for most students. This is champion behavior and a great way to bring parents in and have students talk about what they do well and don’t do well, what they know how to and don’t quite know, where their gaps are and what they can do about it.

The attached picture is an active link to a Google Doc we all have access to in the WRMS Google Drive. Clicking on the link will take you to this document with resources on student led conferences.

Compassion Project is Coming!

Technology –

Live morning announcements will be returning.  This week we will be test running it using YouTube Live.  Ms. Sifford will announce at 7:25 over the intercom that it’s time for morning announcement and that will you please go to West Rowan Middle YouTube Channel for today’s announcements.  You will need to:

  1. Make sure your laptop is connected to your board with a dongle or apple tv.
  2. That you either have speakers on your board or attached to your laptop.
  3. You will go to YouTube and in the search bar type:  West Rowan Middle (pictured below)

  4. Click on “West Rowan Middle School” then find the choice that says “West Rowan Middle” (pictured below).  That is our school YouTube Channel
  5. After you do that on our channel you will see a video that says “Live Now”. Click on it.
  6. After you do that you are now where you should be for the live morning announcements.
  7. If you have any sort of difficulty or miss the morning announcements the live stream is automatically saved for viewing at a later time.
  8. If you have any questions please let Mr. Pittman know. We will test run it this week an will officially go live on Monday, February 13. Thank you!

Go To Girls

Henley’s Hurrahs


UbD or Backwards Design is not a new approach to planning learning experiences for students. It was introduced in 1998 by Wiggins and McTighe. When data is used in the planning process, teachers can integrate differentiated learning opportunities for students and create a roadmap of academic success.

Backwards Design


Please review the  Design Menu for instructional planning opportunities. Make your selection using the Google Form.


Instructional Design Menu Google Form

Media News:

a4868d911c00c241f64359b5a6ddb9acWe have a large collection of e-books avaliable to every student and staff member in the school. All of these books can be accessed through Follett Desitny. As long as books are checked out through the app students will not need internet connection at home. The book will download to the iPad and after two weeks will automatically turn in once the iPad is connected to the internet. Most of the books avaliable in this setting are unlimted access and non fiction…great for various research topics. Within the books students can take notes, highlight, and bookmark areas of importance. They are the only one who will see their notes even if other students have the same book checked out. Within the next few weeks I will work with all ELA classes to show students how to login to their accounts, check out books, take notes, etc. I will also make sure students have the app on their device so internet connection will not be a problem for them down the road.

ff8623e20e577e7eaecefba6331a49e0UPCOMING EVENTS

Monday, Feb 6

  • WRMS SIT Meeting in Media Center
  • 7th Basketball vs CGMS Away

Tuesday, Feb 7

  • WRMS PD – Compassion Project
  • Band Booster Meeting 6:30 – 7:30

Wednesday, Feb 8

  • Happy Birthday Mr Howell

Thursday, Feb 9

  • 7th Basketball vs NRMS Away

Saturday, Feb 11

  • Happy Birthday Mrs Reeder

Sunday, Feb 12

  • Happy Birthday Mrs Shue

Monday, Feb 13

  • WRMS Faculty Meeting

Thursday, Feb 16

  • RSS PBL Showcase

Friday, Feb 17

  • Early Release day



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