Bulldog News 1.13.2017

BULLDOG NEWS!wrms-visit-invitation-2

Community Visit
Wednesday Jan 18 from 8:30-9:30 will be our 2017 Community Visit. This is the day when we ask citizens from Rowan and North Carolina to visit our school so we can showcase the great things we are endeavoring to build here at West Rowan Middle.

While we want to show the world the great things we are doing, I particularly want to mention that Wednesday should be like Wednesday. Its not a day or time to teach extra hard or pull out the showoff lesson, its like any other day where we have kids doing the high quality work we engage in everyday.

Last week was our National Football Championship. A reporter quoted part of the winning coach’s pregame speech. He told his team that when [not if] they won the game, it was not going to be an upset, it was going to be an expectation.

We have an expectation that we are collaborating and deliv
ering high quality instruction and kids are learning and demonstrating what they know at the highest of levels. Make everyday a spectacular day and commit to making everyday better than the previous.



Please remember that last minute call outs are very likely to not be filled. When there aren’t substitutes, it calls on colleagues to fill in for coverage. Of course last minute emergencies happen and there aren’t guarantees that absences will be filled but we can do our part by getting absences in as soon as possible.

Dr Moody’s Video for the Winners of the Hot Chocolate Party


Compassion Project

In line with our Core Values, this spring we will be hosting our first ever Compassion Project Showcase. We are particularly proud of this innovation. The goal of this is simple:

  1. Find a way to change one life
  2. Find a way to make a positive difference in Rowan County
  3. Find a way to change the world

We are going to give students time, space and motivation to dive into thinking, experimenting and prototyping.

Those of you who have been experimenting with PBLs have seen the remarkable things kids can do when we give them space and faith. screen-shot-2017-01-13-at-2-47-59-pmToday, I had the the unique pleasure of being blown away by Mrs Brooks 3rd block class as they made a presentation to me, Mrs Henley and Mrs Hester for a great, robust Achieve3000 incentive program. By the way every adult in this building should thank them for the thoughtful, real work they put in – this WILL be our incentive program. These kids put in real work, created a great product and will refine this for our school. Space and faith.

Let’s make our Compassion Project about us coaching and supporting them to create some spectacular things our school, our community and our world needs.

We will be rolling out more detail at the semester break and have a formal day of PD on February 7th led by the counselors. Look out for that information and think of your role as coach and facilitator during this great moment in #bulldog history.

Henley’s Hurrahs

Achieve 3000

If you have not already taken a gander at the WRMS Achieve 3000 wall…check it out! The current data is based on student performance from December 1 – 31. The current Top Scoring Class is based on ELA, Science, and Social Studies blocks…however several Bulldog Enrichment blocks were a close second! Going forward, please make sure your students complete assigned and choice articles for your content “in your block.” There are many students who elect to complete articles on their own:)In this case, students should select their Bulldog Enrichment class.

Achieve 3000 @ home! In preparation for Virtual Learning Snow Days, limited internet access is a potential issue, but there is a solution. Students should download the Achieve 3000 app currently in Self-Service. Once logged in utilizing the app, students can open several articles, and complete at home WITHOUT the need for internet or WiFi. However, students should NOT log out of the app. Upon returning to school or access to WIFI, the app syncs and data is uploaded to Achieve3000.

Achieve 3000 access through Clever and the app requires different passwords. Once logged into Clever, there is no need to log into Achieve 3000. However, logging into the app requires a user name and password.

How to access student user names and passwords:

  • log into Achieve3000
  • Select admin settings (tap the drop down arrow by your name)
  • Class list
  • Select a class
  • Choose and print

Kudos to Mrs. Brooks 3rd Block class for brainstorming Achieve3000 incentives…more details to come later:)


PD, next Tuesday will be utilized for sharing and giving feedback on content specific PBL’s for the first iteration beginning January 25th. Please remember to bring a copy of your PBL and the “rubric” folder as a guide for  providing kind, specific, and helpful feed back to peers.

Students will use SignUp Genius to select a grade level specific PBL including an exploratory option:

  • 6th grade – PE/Health
  • 7th grade – Arts
  • 8th grade – CTE 

Future ISD Offerings

Please take a moment and select choices for the next ISD “chunk.”

ISD Take 2



Monday, Jan 16

  • Holiday – Martin Luther King Jr Day

Tuesday, Jan 17

  • PD – Finalizing PBLs
  • Band Booster Meeting 6:30

Wednesday, Jan 18

  • Community Visit West Rowan Middle

Thursday, Jan 19

  • 7th Basketball vs Erwin at Home

Friday, Jan 20

  • Early Release
  • Grading Period Ends

Monday, Jan 23

  • Required Teacher Workday

Tuesday, Jan 24

  • 7th Basketball vs CLMS Away

Wednesday, Jan 25

Thursday, Jan 26

  • RSS Teacher Breakfast

Friday, Jan 27




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