Bulldog News 12.09.2016


Pear Deck is here!

file-z5odlk1ytcThanks to a suggestion by Mr Pittman and some great follow up from Mrs Roach [borderline awesome harassment], we’re going to be making a school wide purchase for Pear Deck. We’re excited about this next level resource. Mr Pittman has already given some training on it but we will likely have another round of talks about this resource. However, if you want to get started now, you can follow this link and register your account through the school – Pear Deck Account Link. This is a great resource for blended learning and engagement.

Bulldog Greeters

Suggestion – If you are getting your Bulldog Greeters up and going or are not seeing the results you want, consider doing the Greeters in pairs. Pair up someone who is new to the Communication demonstration or maybe shy with someone who has been a Greeter before. Great way to empower kids and building up Leadership skills in our kids.


Pear Deck Tutorial

Creating a Pear Deck from Google Drive

Henley’s Hurrahs


Throwback Thursday is a trend among social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook wherein users post or repost older photographs (often from their childhood) with the hashtag #ThrowbackThursday or #TBT. Teachers can implement #TBT in their classroom to re-engage students with previously instructed standards.

Discovery Ed benchmark data can be used to target standard(s) for all students, in addition to planning  intensive, intentional small group reengagement during Enrichment. As educators, we strive to present our curricula with engaging, meaningful instruction. When reviewing benchmark data, select one-two standards to re-implement on #TBT. This is a great opportunity to put your creative hat on, plan with colleagues, and shake it up for a day.

b92f1e5e3aa4c3756947202a1705cb86Check out these digital resources for ideas:


Collaborative, engaging fast paced “live game.”


Similar to Kahoot, but students play in individual iPads.

QR Code Scavenger Hunt

Simplicity at it’s best! No need to create Google Docs and individual QR codes. Copy and paste questions and answers, click and QR  codes are generated!


Flipgrid empowers student voice. Students capture short videos to share ideas and experiences with their classmates on the topics you define.


Students can read a book or short story while listening to a soundtrack. Teachers can upload  text and add a soundtrack.


Online educator community where you can find new ideas and inspiration to help you take your teaching to the next level.

If you have not already done so, please complete the Google Form for the next individualized PD menu.

Teacher Requested Future PD


Monday, Dec 12

  • 8th Basketball vs CLMS Away
  • Wrestling vs CLMS
  • Reindeer Express

Tuesday, Dec 13

  • Reindeer Express

Wednesday, Dec 14

  • Reindeer Express
  • Wrestling vs Ellis MS at Home [Last of the Season]

Thursday, Dec 15

  • 8th Basketball vs Mooresville Away

Friday, Dec 16

  • Reindeer Express

Saturday, Dec 17

  • End of Year Wrestling Tournament  at Southeast MS

Monday, Dec 19

  • Holiday Spirit Week
  • 8th Basketball vs SEMS at Home

Tuesday, Dec 20

  • WRMS Band and Chorus Concert – 7:00 – 8:30 pm

Wednesday, Dec 21

  • 8th Basketball vs Knox MS



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