Bulldog News 11.11.2016

BULLDOG NEWS!veterans-day-cards

Welcome our newest Bulldog!

If you haven’t done so already, please stop by the front office and introduce yourself to our newest team member, Mrs Genesis Thompson. She brings years of experience as a bookkeeper. We are very fortunate to have her expertise in our school! Welcome aboard!

wp-1478881689601.jpgSpirit Week is next week!

Let’s show our Bulldog Pride and get creative! Thanks to Student Council for organizing this and thinking up our days this week! We are going to have great culminating event with a pep rally at the end of the week! [Mr Wheeler asked me to issue a ‘Onesie’ challenge to everyone!]

MidYear Conferences

We are approaching the time for our mid year conferences. This is a time for us to have good conversations about reflecting on our start of the school year, changes/adjustments we need to make and how we plan to finish strong. This year, we’re going to be doing something different. We will be scheduling these mid-year conversations as group talks. We want these conversations to be good robust conversations that will center on the goals we set as educators. We’re starting this next week. Again, these are evaluative, these conversations are formative – helping us grow and get better.

Henley’s Hurrahs

Thank you for completing the Professional Development ISD Menu Google Form. Be on the lookout for an email Monday indicating what ISD you selected for November the 15th, and the location.

Several graduate courses ago, I found a TedTalk (Technology, Engineering, & Design) by Ken Robinson, Bring on the Learning Revolution. Robinson shares his thoughts through analogies, referencing past political figures (who unknowingly were speaking to us today), and his thoughts on human talents and abilities. He states, “very many people go through their whole lives having no real sense of what their talents may be, or if they have any to speak of.”

Do you equate “creativity” to arts and crafts, or a finished product?  Does there need to be “evidence” to determine creativity? Even today, after much research, there are numerous definitions, theories, and models. Robert Sternberg defines creativity as, “the skills and attitudes needed for generating ideas and products are relatively novel, high in quality and appropriate to the task at hand (2009). Educators are creative individuals! Think back to the shift from NCSCOS to Common Core. Teachers’ creative abilities were, and still are, employed to develop and implement engaging and rigorous curricula. Can your classroom, curricula, and creativity be the catalyst for a learning revolution?

Bring on the Learning Revolution

TEDed is TED’s youth and education initiate. Educators have access to individual lessons, series (so far my favorite is, Math in Real Life), and TEDed Clubs. Take a few moments, check out the website(s), and incorporate in your curriculum.

TED Talks


TED Talk Graphic Organizer



Happy Birthday to Mr Brothers and Mrs Muire

S P I R I T   W E E K!!!!!

Monday, Nov 14

  • Spirit Day – Pajama Day
  • Basketball vs CLMS Home
  • Wrestling vs CLMS Away

Tuesday, Nov 15

  • Spirit Day – Lights Out Day

Wednesday, Nov 16

  • Event

Thursday, Nov 17

  • Spirit Day – Character Day
  • Basketball vs Mooresville Home
  • Wrestling vs Mooresville Away

Friday, Nov 18

  • Spirit Day – Athlete Day
  • Pep Rally

Monday, Nov 21

  • Wrestling vs SEMS at Home
  • 8th Grade Basketball vs SEMS Away

Tuesday, Nov 22

  • Early Release Day

Wednesday Nov 23 – Friday Nov 25 Thanksgiving Holiday



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