Bulldog News 10.21.2016


Ms Meeks

This is a couple of weeks past due but we would like to welcome our two newest Bulldogs to the team! Please join us in welcoming Ms Meeks and Ms Warren. Ms

Ms Warren
Ms Warren

Meeks is joining us as our 7th grade math teacher after spending several years at Isenburg Elementary. Ms Warren joins us as a recent graduate from from Livingstone with a degree in Mathematics. We are looking forward to both of these game changers and their contributions to West Rowan Middle!


Teacher’s Corner

Lucky Dogs!
[Guest Post by Mrs Rabon]

At the end of an exhausting school day, do you find yourself wondering what you’ve really accomplished? An informal survey of students reveals the impact of some of your efforts.

Question to students: “What is WRMS doing right for you as a student? Here are their responses:

  • “They make me feel safe here.”
  • “Teachers make learning fun.”
  • “They teach me things to prepare me for the future.”
  • “My teachers miss me when I am not here; I know my coach misses me!”
  • “They give me freedom to eat lunch outside and be outside with my friends. They know that I need a little stress-free time every day.”
  • “They let us work in random places around the room and give us lots of seating options so we can be comfortable.”
  • “Teachers take care of bad behavior right away, so it doesn’t ruin it for the rest of the class.”
  • “They let me answer the phone and greet visitors that come to our room.”
  • “Teachers push us to be our best and they give us choices in how we learn.”
  • “They let me participate in sports.”
  • “They do important stuff every day. I don’t want to be out because I don’t want to miss it.”
  • “My teachers are nice; and I look forward to their smiles just like I look forward to my friends’ smiles every day.”
  • “They gave us Genius Bars and a Genius Lounge and Collaborative Rooms where we can work together.”
  • “They are interested in what I have to say.”
  • “The teachers!!!”

The responses were as varied as the students themselves. Many students expressed feeling lucky because their friends at other schools didn’t have some of the things that they have here at West. There is a direct correlation between this sampling of responses and your efforts in implementing strategies related to: Responsive Classroom, Learning Targets, Setting a Positive Tone, Blended Learning, and Creating a Student Centered Environment.

But the best thing about the kids’ answers . . .EVERY answer had a person behind it! You Done Good!


Our makerspace is about four weeks away from launching. This will be a new endeavor and resource in helping bring another level of creativity to ALL the classes here at West Rowan Middle!


Go To Girls

We are alive and kicking!! Mrs. Stone is enjoying her time away with her precious new addition.

We are so happy for her but we miss her and are counting the days until her return!

The two remaining go- to girls are busy putting out small fires and an occasional three alarm fire. During our talks with students, be it individual or small groups, we are continually reinforcing West Middle’s Core Values and hopefully helping kids make the connection between their actions/behavior and these values.
Mrs. Muire is working with ISS students during enrichment time on a variety of topics(anger management, communication, coping skills, etc) as well as implementing some meditation/mindfulness into the time spent with them.

Teachers, if you have any student that you are concerned about his or her attendance, please let Mrs. Muire know. Please refer to the Attendance Protocol in Schoology. Let’s stay on top of those kids who are missing school! It would also be great to emphasize and highlight kids who are attending school regularly- more to come on that!!

SAT will be meeting on Friday, November 4. Please remember SAT meets every other week to discuss students who are having academic and/or behavior concerns that need some extra attention. Mrs. Horton will be providing more information on our new Branching Minds program to help streaming the SAT process.

Staff Shirts- Please see Mrs. Horton if you would like to purchase a staff shirt or pullover. She would like to have all orders and money by November 4.

One more thing. For those of you who are familiar with Rachel’s Challenge, the movie highlighting her life and movement, I’m Not Ashamed, opened in theaters  Friday, October 21.

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.”
― Mother Teresa

Henley’s Hurrahs

Thank you for your transparency this week during Professional Development, your feedback is much appreciated.  Setting the agenda for Professional Development is a collaborative process between myself and administration. Many times PD learning targets are opportunities gleaned from conversations, classroom visits, and instructional best practices. In addition, district initiatives may be included in PD time.

Along with our Tuesday meetings, individualized PD, similar to Mrs. Shoaf’s coaching cycle, is another instructional support tool for educators. An email was sent in September requesting the completion of a Google Form indicating areas of support and interest in instructional strategies. I have met briefly with numerous teachers based on the timeframe indicated in your responses. If you selected “prior to the end of first nine weeks or 2nd quarter,” please be on the look out for an email to set a time. Please use the link below to complete the Google Form. Remember to be logged into your rssed.org account.

Instructional Support Google Form

In preparation for Tuesday’s meeting. Please review your curriculum framework and select a standard(s) you will be instructing the week of November 1-4. You will need to bring:

  • curriculum framework
  • unpacking documents
  • DOK Depth of Knowledge Matrix

If you have resources, activities, assessments, questions, etc. please bring them as well. We will meet this week in Mrs. Roach’s room, 612.

Literacy Resources & Tools:

Flipsnack – online magazine or book publishing. Students can upload photos, PDF files, and create colorful, captivating finished products. Email required for account. Up to 15 pages per book without the “premium” package. Flipsnacks can be shared via: link, Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

Wordnik – online dictionary with a twist. Not only can students define words, but they can: see images, hear related sounds, and see tweets with the imbedded term. Make sure to preview images for specific vocabulary words.

ThingLink – excellent, multi-purpose interactive tool. Introduce unit vocabulary, as a final differentiated product, or as an innovated platform for stations or learning centers.

Science Writer – differentiated process to support students writing Science lab reports.

Quizlet Live – Awesome!!!! Interactive vocabulary game! Make an account….search for your subject…play the game live…students will LOVE this…I played:)


Schoology: I know this year has been very frustrating when it comes to technology. I also know your time is very valuable. So in an effort to keep you better updated and to take up as little of your time as possible I have created a Schoology group where I will post any tech info that applies to all of you. Hopefully this will help in cutting down on confusion and keep us all on the same page. If you have any suggestions please let me know. The code to join is: SWMRX-Z6F82

Email: They are updating our Outlook email to the newer version of Outlook so the look of your email will be changing over the next couple weeks. For some of you it may have already happened.


Monday, Oct 24

  • Horizons Trip – 7th Grade
  • Data Visit
  • NJHS Induction – 6:30-7:30

Tuesday, Oct 25

  • 7th Football Championship
  • 8th Football Championship
  • Horizon’s Trip 7th Grade

Wednesday, Oct 26

Thursday, Oct 27

Friday, Oct 28

  • RSS Early Release Day

Monday, Oct 31

  • Required Workday
  • Halloween

Tuesday, Nov 1

  • RSS All County Band – 4-5 pm

Thursday, Nov 3

  • Wrestling at Mooresville
  • RSS CTE Career Fair – West End Plaz

Friday, Nov 4

  • Bulldog Parade [get your group recommendations in]



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