Bulldog News 10.14.2016


wp-1476444580187.jpgAre you making our Core Values part of your talks? Do you kids see the emphasis YOU place on our need to build compassionate leaders who collaborate and communicate with purpose and integrity? These can’t be lessons and talks we have every now and then. We build a learning culture everyday with intentionality and purpose.



Achieve 3000, Moby Max, Discovery Education, Schoology, Branching Minds, PLC, MDC, LDC, CCRP…are just a “few” of the initiatives and programs RSS has implemented in the last few years. Many have said, “Just let me get good at one thing before adding more!” Along with those programs and initiatives are user names, passwords, PD, and the need for TIME to implement effectively. Is there an instructional strategy that does not require  log ins, copies, and significant prep time…yes, Circle Up!

Circle Up is one strategy suggested by 7th grade to engage students in the learning target, but it is so much more. Students learn how to have meaningful discourse with peers, debate, and how to appropriately interact with peers. Mrs. Brawley used Circle Up to introduce the new learning target for the week, and again on Friday with a twist. Students “Circled Up” to identify a problem, discuss the affects on students, and began brainstorming solutions. Resources required: time, guiding questions, pre-set expectations, intentional modeling and integration of core values, and purpose.


Henley’s Hurrahs

Thank you for your flexibility this week meeting for PD on Wednesday instead of Tuesday. Debbie Henry did an amazing job implementing a “quick” model lesson for all grade levels. Typically, the model implementation is not as brief, but due to different grade level schedules, for some observers time in the model classroom was shorter than others.

We have a tight schedule next week during PD, so to utilize your time effectively please come prepared:

First on the agenda, reflecting on past PD, PLC, and faculty meetings. Download the Word document or PDF of Meeting Norms and complete prior to Tuesday.



Think back to conversations, colleague engagement, and productivity during meetings when reflecting on…What it is now…and…What it needs to be…

Second, we will be discussing “data chats” with students and their effects on  performance and progress. Please arrive with your Achieve data, so I can make the best use of your time. Please see the step by step instructions document (Word or PDF)  or watch the tutorial video.



Achieve 3000 Performance Reports

And finally, click each link below to review notes from Debbie Henry’s model lesson implementations on Wednesday, the 12th. Please sign into your RSS Google account to view.

McNeely Model Lesson

Kennington Model Lesson (7th grade planning)

Kennington Model Lesson (Exploratory Planning)

Sells Model Lesson

After reading the model lesson notes, and reflecting on the model lesson implemented in a colleague’s classroom, please be respond to the Model Lesson Discussion Post in the Achieve 3000 folder in WRMS Staff (Schoology).

Literacy Resources:

New York Times – Room for Debate aligned to Common Core Standard, “Constructing Viable Arguments” exercise in flexible and critical thinking as students read short responses written by experts in response to a question in the news.

CommonLit – Free Common Core aligned literacy resources grades 5-12, created by teachers for teachers. Select fiction and nonfiction articles based on Lexile, grade, theme, genre, device and/or ELA RI and RL standard(s). Each text includes companion resources: paired text, related media, and teacher guide.

Cacoo Mindmap/Brainstorm Website – Free online mind map/brainstorm website. Students (and teachers) can select from pre-made templates or create their own, and share by email. Excellent tool for collaboration.


Monday, October 17th

  • Department meetings – 2:45

Tuesday, October 18th

  • 7th Grade Football vs. North @Home
  • Softball & Tennis vs. Knox @ Home

Wednesday, October 19th

  • 8th Grade Football vs. North away

Thursday, October 20th

  • Softball & Tennis vs. CGMS @Home

Friday, October 21st

  • ISD Edcamp-you set the agenda!




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