Bulldog News 9.30.2016


0926161149a11.jpgCongrats to our newest family member! We are happy that Mrs Stone and baby Henry Zechariah are both doing fine. Love to them both! We can’t wait to meet him and for Mrs Stone to get back.

On the topic of new editions, we also need to welcome aboard two new members who, are completing our 2016 Bulldog Team! Let’s welcome Ms Alecia ‘Shay’ Meeks and Ms Anasha Warren to the 7th and 6th grade team, respectively. We are lucky to have them.

At the same time, we are also saying goodbye to Ms Beal. We are wishing her well on her next phase in her career! We know she will make a great impact!

Purposeful Design

As we improve and continue our efforts to be the best instructional designers and collaborators we can be, I want to bring to everyone’s attention that we have to be intentional and purposeful in our design. Our planning efforts have to begin with the standards and determining what students need to know and what successful demonstration of learning looks like. We are going to be talking about what successful and impactful collaborative planning looks like later but right now, I want us to focus on purposeful activity with what we design for students. In our collaborative planning, we should be asking if what we are coming up with regarding learning activities is the best learning activities students need and deserve or are we using them because:

  • we think these activities are expected to be seen;
  • we are accustomed to or like an activity because we have used it before;
  • they are easy.

Below is a video of the SAMR model. It is a great illustration of our need to design activities based that accelerate deep learning.

Nothing wrong with this INTEGRITY!



We’ve been reminding/mentioning the SAMR model and Revised Blooms the last couple of weeks. We probably won’t be doing any formal PD on them in the near future, all of us should keep them in mind as we continue our collaborative planning talks.

The SAMR model is a great quick reference to gauge how effectively and deeply we are taking our teaching and how it is impacting learning. This is a great video that talks about changing work and outcomes to allow students to really demonstrate understanding.

As you watch this ask yourself:

  • What support do I need [training on blogging, understanding Thinglink, etc] that will help with this?;
  • How can we as a planning team use this in our regular talks?;
  • Am I challenging myself regulary to design more instructional activities that transform learning rather than enhance for my students?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Great Science Lab in Mrs Howell’s Room

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Henley’s Hurrahs

Whew! The first benchmarks of the year are finished! For staff who had Discovery Ed issues (missing classes, students could not access benchmarks, etc.) thank you for your patience while I researched and found solutions. Tuesday during PD we will be analyzing student data using these questions to guide the planning process:

  • What standards were students assessed on that I have instructed?
  • Were those questions categorized as easy, medium, or hard?
  • How can I use the benchmark question(s), other Discovery Ed resources, released test items, and SchoolNet to prepare for reteaching?
  • What is my plan for students who have mastered the standard based on benchmark performance?

Grade Level PBL’s:

Our meeting on Friday was short and sweet, walking through the first PBL implementation Each PBL Google Doc has A LOT of information:

  • problem engagement scenarios
  • unpacked standards
  • lesson activities
  • resources (links and rubrics)

The “problem engagement” stage is typically the PBL stage that is facilitator led or driven, “list the facts” and “need to knows.” The remaining stages (inquiry, investigation, problem resolution and debriefing) are student directed. However, if students are to successfully complete the PBL with the anticipated final product and/or proposal, facilitator engagement with students is imperative.



Tech News

  • If you still have any students who have not received their iPads (not students who need a loaner) please let Mr. Pittman now.
  • We are still waiting for our loaner iPads to be activated.  Once they are those students who have had something happen to their iPads will get their loaner.
  • If you student can’t get logged into iAM only the teacher of that student can reset their password.  You will log into your teacher iAM account.  Click on Profiles > My Students > Click on the student name > Change Password (at the top) will light up > and you know can change their password – initials, dash, last four numbers of their lunch number ex. Jpg-1234
  • This will I will be coming around to connect your Schoology gradebook to Powerschool.  Once this is done you will only have to enter your grades in Schoology.

2a0f30b44c7f433da5b0052c89117c29UPCOMING EVENTS

Monday, Oct 3

  • SIT meeting [Remember to share your suggestions for SIP goals]

Tuesday, Oct 4

  • WRMS Lockdown Drill
  • 7th Football vs Corriher-Lipe MS Away
  • Softball vs Erwin MS Away
  • Tennis vs Erwin MS Away

Wednesday, Oct 5

  • 8th Football Away

Thursday, Oct 6

  • Softball vs Corriher-Lipe MS Home
  • Tennis vs Corriher-Lipe MS Home

Friday, Oct 7


Monday, Oct 10

  • Happy Birthday Coach Epps

Tuesday, Oct 11

  • Achieve3000 Support Training
  • 7th Football vs Knox MS at HM

Wednesday, Oct 12

  • Hug-An-Awesome-Student Day

Thursday, Oct 13

  • Event

Friday, Oct 14

  • WRMS 8th Grade Band Night at WRHS
  • WRMS 8th Trip to State Fair




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