Bulldog News 9.23.2016



wp-1474095622329.jpgDuring Monday’s early release, I came upon these four ladies collaborating.After finding out the depth of their planning, I was inspired to write a note about what they accomplished. This was a great example of collaboration at its best. Each contributing to design based on student need and each ladies ability and talent. The conversation started with standards then developing a good learning target. We had a great conversation about the value of detailed learning targets over ones that are broadly written. They employed the best and only real need in tech integration – pedagogy first, then bring in the tech! They showed me what stations they were going to develop, screencast centers [if you need some practical help with screencast, Ms Accardi is a pro btdubs].

I’m can’t go into all the details of the planning but rest assured there is a lot more to tell. I encourage all of you talk to these ladies to learn about their planning outcomes. Mrs Brawley even taught even taught me how to embed a YouTube video in Schoology [I know right]

A Must Watch

screen-shot-2016-09-17-at-4-24-59-pmThis show was recommended to me by two very influential people: Dr Moody has asked all school administrators to take time to watch it. Second is Mrs. Brooks [yes, our very own]! She was watching it the night it premiered and was very impressed with several points in it. I’ve seen it – it is a must see for all educators! Carve out time in your busy schedule over the next days/weeks and watch it! Let’s continue to grow!

School of the Future – http://buff.ly/2cuVtAG


Henley’s Hurrahs

In my first Bulldog News post, I referenced change in PD and PLC. A PLC “is a group of educators that meets regularly, shares expertise, and works collaboratively to improve teaching skills and the academic performance of students” (edglossary.org, 2016).

Questions to ponder about your PLC:

  • Have your members established a framework, agenda, or guidelines for your PLC?
  • Do all members “bring something to the table”?
  • Is your time well spent or utilized effectively?
  • Are your ideas heard and accepted?
  • Does your PLC have these characteristics…?
     1. Shared mission, vision, values, goals
    2. Collaborative teams focused on learning
    3. Collective Inquiry- seek new instructional strategies, implement, and reflect
    4. Action orientation and experimentation-Teachers and students learn by doing
    5. Commitment to Continuous Improvement
    6. Results Orientated-use evidence of student learning to inform and improve i
         instruction (Solution Tree Press, 2010).


    Is brainstorming just for students? At the beginning of your next PLC, select a standard for the following week and write down anything and everything that comes to your mind. You may be a list maker, mind mapper, or a white boarder no matter how you record it, just do it!

Make sure to set the stage to generate the most ideas:

  • Refrain from negativity and criticism
  • Any idea…no matter how crazy or off the wall has value…it could become the BEST!
  • Quantity…the more the merrier…research says ideas at the end of brainstorming may be more imaginative:)
  • Piggy backing or hitch-hiking is great! Your idea may stimulate a new one from a colleague.



Remember…you want to leave PLC with “more” than you came with.

Standards-Learning Targets-Instructional Strategies-Technology

“Don’t reinvent the wheel,” is a phrase educators have heard (and said) many times. Check out your curriculum framework located in the Middle School Curriculum Resources group (Schoology). The frameworks have been revised, and there are a multitude of instructional resources, activities, and tasks for you to choose from or get you thinking. Ask a student in one of your classes to “borrow” their iPad, go to Self-Service and see what  apps are available…incorporate one a week:)

Don’t Forget…no PD on Tuesday, but a short and sweet meet on Friday:)



Monday, Sept 26

Tuesday, Sept 27

  • 7th Grade Football vs Erwin MS Away

Wednesday, Sept 28

  • 8th Grade Football vs Erwin MS Away

Thursday, Sept 29

  • 8th Grade – Horizons Visit
  • Softball vs North Rowan MS Away
  • Tennis vs North Rowan MS Away

Friday, Sept 30

  • 8th Grade – Horizons Visit

Monday, Oct 3

  • SIT meeting

Tuesday, Oct 4

  • WRMS Lockdown Drill
  • 7th Football vs Corriher-Lipe MS Away
  • Softball vs Erwin MS Away
  • Tennis vs Erwin MS Away

Wednesday, Oct 5

  • 8th Football Away

Thursday, Oct 6

  • Softball vs Corriher-Lipe MS Home
  • Tennis vs Corriher-Lipe MS Home

Friday, Oct 7



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