Bulldog News 9.9.2016


This year, Horizons has taken a proactive step and scheduled days for teams/grade levels of all middle schools. They have tailored learning targets and objectives for the 3 grade levels. This summer, science teachers and grade level chairs received emails confirming the visits and what would be covered.

8th grade will be the first group to visit this year, going 9.29 & 9.30

unnamedGoogle Drive

As a continuation from last year, we will be adding a lot of information to our Google Drive Folder. Everyone should be invited to a Google Drive called ‘WRMS Essentials.” You should be able to find it by looking in your ‘Shared with Me’ Folder.

Google Drive as some advantages over Schoology. While both are great for cataloging resources, Drive allows us to go in and make edits directly in app instead of having to download, edit then upload. It is a great tool to get accustomed to because our kids need that kind of collaborative and productivity tool.

Please make sure you are using the ‘rssed.org’ email when you are sharing something in GoogleDrive. If you use the ‘rss.k12.nc.us’ you will get the error message or request to access. If something has been shared with you, go to your ‘Shared with Me’ Folder and look for the new item. Once there, you can organize as needed.

As we approach Day 10, there are a couple of things we should keep in front of us:

  1. We should continue to build
  2. Changing schedules is a conversations between teachers/teams and grade level assistant principal. Any approvals will be submitted by the assistant principal to Ms Lipe. Please follow that chain of protocol

wp-1473345601202.jpgCongrats to Mrs Doane! She and her husband are expecting their first child this spring! We are very happy for them! [She assured me that this was not a creative way to get out of testing in the spring but I am suspicious!]




Great collaboration produces great learning experiences for kids! Thanks to Mrs Wilkinson, Ms Branham for thinking this up and Mr King for supporting! Kids were the winners here!

Henley’s Hurrahs

A want to extend a BIG thank you to all for your patience and participation in my inaugural PD meetings. We will be continuing our focus on unpacking standards, but adding an integral component…technology. One goal of PD is to use YOUR time effectively, and in order to do that, I ask just a few things:

  • please make sure to have your laptop and/or iPad
  • advanced preparation may be needed from time to time in order to complete the goal, activity, or task for a PD meeting
  • Assume the best intent, PD is not just “one more thing”:)

Please take a few minutes to think about technology in your classroom. Just as our students can be described as emerging, novice, accomplished, so can teachers. For me, teaching is a continual learning process, and I can never assume I have mastered it “all.” After reading the indicators, think about your use or implementation of technology in your classroom. Think about what you are currently doing, and what you would like to do…


Making small incremental changes will be impactful for you, your students, and WRMS!

Please bring the standard you “unpacked” on Tuesday the 6th, tangible or digital, or a newly unpacked standard. Ask yourself these questions: Have I completely unpacked the standard indicating everything I want my students to know and understand? How many possibilities have I included for students to demonstrate understanding or mastery?

Learning targets have a dual purpose:

  • Help the teacher during the planning process
  • Provide focus for student(s) during the learning process

Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 2.32.50 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 2.33.08 PM.png


In teaching, you cannot see the fruit of a day’s work. It is invisible and remains so, maybe for twenty years. -Jacques Barzun



Monday, Sept 12

  • Faculty Meeting – 2:45 in Media Center

Tuesday, Sept 13

  • 7th Grade Football at Mooresville
  • Softball at Corriher-Lipe Middle

Wednesday, Sept 14

  • 8th Grade Football at Mooresville

Thursday, Sept 15

  • Mr Gillion’s Birthday
  • Softball at Mooresville
  • Tennis at Mooresville

Friday, Sept 16

  • Early Release Day
  • SIT Meeting 1:00

Monday, Sept 19

  • Department/subject meetings-2:45

Tuesday, Sept 20

  • 7th Football vs China Grove Middle at Home
  • Softball vs Southeast Middle at Home

Wednesday, Sept 21

  • 8th Football vs China Grove at Home
  • Ms Pender’s Birthday

Thursday, Sept 22

Friday, Sept 23

Thursday, Sept 29

  • 8th Grade – Horizons Visit

Friday, Sept 30

  • 8th Grade – Horizons Visit







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