Bulldog News 9.2.2016


The administrators moving to the hallways was a move to help us connect and be more readily available to teachers and students. Support and community feel different when we are an arms length away. We want everyone to know that if we are needed in an emergency, you should still reach us the same way, by calling the front office or you have another option of sending a student to our office. The office call will guarantee a result because we will have our walkies, but there is no guarantee we will be in our office. Just know that we are committed to being available to you.

20160901_205103.jpgThese teachers were caught after our Thursday Data Presentation staying late after school having a great talk about the benefits of blogging in the classroom. The talk was expansive – teacher blogging [hinsonsmathblog.com], students blogging in class for learning and blogging for professional development. Kudos to them for not just investing the time but also embracing a social media that’s engaging for students.


Learning Targets

Ms Kohler's learning target
Ms Kohler’s learning target

You guys have done a good job of making sure your learning targets are posted and visible. This is the first step in designing the relevant, rigorous work that is aligned to standards. We will be diving into these talks next week. We will be discussing unpacking and breaking down standards so that we can see learning designs more clearly and have a good understanding of what student learning outcomes need to be. This will be a great talk – this leads to how we differentiate activities AND this is the content for our Bulldog Greeters [but that comes later].


Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 9.16.13 PM
10 Tips for Surviving and Thriving Your First Year Teaching http://buff.ly/2bnf30U

This blogpost was written to give new teachers some things to look consider – 10 Tips for Surviving and Thriving Your First Year Teaching http://buff.ly/2bnf30U. I found it a particularly good read, all the reasons given are worthy of good discussion the but the first point, Building Community is particularly worth note. Building Community means being deliberate in our actions and conversations to connect with and find out what is we need to do to serve and be a team member to the people we work beside. This is a worthy aspiration for us all, not just new teachers or teacher new to the building. Be a community builder.

Henley’s Hurrahs

What a great first week at WRMS! I enjoyed spending time in classes I have not had the opportunity to be a part of before. If I have not “popped” into your class yet, I plan to visit next week and see the engaging instructional strategies used to implement subject specific   standards.

Weekly PLC meetings and collaborative planning have new names. PLC is now Professional Development or PD. It will remain at the same time, shortly after the beginning of planning. Grade Level will follow immediately after. Collaborative planning is now PLC for Wednesday and Thursday planning with subject area colleagues. This week Tuesday meetings will meet for their fully scheduled time.

A big thank you to all staff members who collaborated, generated, and shared WRMS core value lessons. With intentional implementation, our goal of creating a new culture at WRMS will be on its way.

Mr. Brothers asks his students to imagine each day as they enter and leave his class…

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 1.19.40 PM

According to Pablo Picasso…”Everything you can imagine is real.”

Check out this link for great examples of…CHAMPS @ WRMS

The coffee is hot and ready for PD on Tuesdays. Please feel free to bring “your fixins” and leave in the fridge.


Monday, Sept 5

  • Labor Day

Tuesday, Sept 6

  • 7th Football vs SEMS at Home
  • Sofftball vs NRMS at Home
  • Tennis vs NRMS at Home

Wednesday, Sept 7

Way to go RSS!
  • 8th Grade Football vs SEMS at Home

Thursday, Sept 8

  • Sofftball vs EMS at Home
  • Tennis vs EMS at Home

Friday, Sept 9

  • Dance – Student Council

Monday, Sept 12

Tuesday, Sept 13

  • 7th Football at Mooresville
  • Softball at CLMS
  • Tennis at CLMS

Wednesday, Sept 14

  • 7th Football at Mooresville

Thursday, Sept 15

  • Softball at Mooresville
  • Tennis at Mooresville

Friday, Sept 16

  • Early Release Day



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