Bulldog News 8.26.2016


You all rock! Your rooms look great, Open House was a tremendous success, nothing but smiles from parents and students! Thanks for all you do. I am honored to be a Bulldog and excited about this year. We will be building and expanding what we think, know and understand about learning and teaching this year – its going to be incredible!

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Can’t thank Mr Brown, Ms Henley, Mr Pittman and Ms Wilkinson enough for their sharing about this learning. These people are incredible in house resources to go to when you need some help talking your implementation to another level. Blended learning is a component of effective teaching. We should plan to use it to a high level of effectiveness.

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 1.44.22 PMGreat job with developing lessons for our core values! We have to commit to building a unique identity for West Rowan Middle and that starts with what we are all about! We will make sure our lessons are really convey what we are about and what we want our learners to be about. We will continue to talk about our Core Values, Mission and Vision this year.


wp-1472334076090.jpgThis first one came from Ms Kohler’s room. Love this! Let’s get kids talking and thinking about success! This is a great springboard into our core values! On our first day, rise above a hardcore drill talk about rules and procedures – let’s make sure kids know they are challenged and loved!


This year, one of our working goals is creating quality events to invite our parents out to and show love for our school. Our Open House validated that parents will show up. Think about presentations, innovative topics, we can have kids present on and showcase learning. This is the time to throw out the traditional playbook and build a newer, better vision. Talk in your planning groups and grade levels about what we can do to here for our students.

This one came from Mr Wheeler’s room. The former math teacher in me got all giddy when I saw this. This is a great example of why we should be visiting EVERYother classroom in the building to continue growing our inspiration. Get out and see what’s going on and bring back ideas that will help the learning and teaching in your room.

Henley’s Hurrahs

A want to extend a big THANK YOU for your hard work this week brainstorming, creating, and sharing your engaging and motivating lessons for our core values. Please email me once “tweaking” is complete, so I can add to the Core Value folder in the WRMS Staff Schoology course.

Please remember CHAMPS is not a canned behavior plan, but a framework for you to implement YOUR classroom expectations. Incorporating the instructional strategy, and its expectations, for each day of Boot Camp is a consistent implementation and daily reminder for students. Activities for each day are only suggestions or recommendations. If diving into your content is a better fit for you, go for it.

Our first scheduled PLC is Tuesday, September 6th.

“No significant learning can occur, without a significant relationship.” -James Comer


Monday, Aug 29

  • Faculty Meeting @ 2:45 [Pulse Check]

Tuesday, Aug 30

Wednesday, Aug 31

  • Happy birthday Mr Bowman
  • Fire Drill

Thursday, Sept 1

  • RSS Block Party – Salisbury Bell Tower at 5:00

Friday, Sept 2

Monday, Sept 5

  • Labor Day

Tuesday, Sept 6

  • 7th Football vs SEMS at Home
  • Softball vs NRMS at Home [Played at WRHS]
  • Tennis vs NRMS at Home

Wednesday, Sept 7

  • 8th Football vs SEMS at Home

Thursday, Sept 8

  • Softball vs Erwin at Home [Played at WRHS]

Friday, Sept 9



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