Bulldog New 6.10.2016

I want to thank everyone for making this a great year! Your work, contribution and tireless effort has made this a truly remarkable year for our students. Ours is often a thankless job and a lot of the small efforts go unnoticed. Everything you do goes a long way in changing the lives of families and students, it is critical work.

You deserve so much more than these mere weeks off but all I can offer is my heartfelt appreciation, well wishes for the summer and a true hope that you deeply relax and reinvigorate.

A LAST Goodbye

Though we are saddened that they are leaving, we are happy that our several of our Bulldogs are on the next leg of their journey. We will truly miss Ms Current, Ms Holmes and Ms MacDonald and wish them well in retirement. I won’t try to repeat what was eloquently said by Ms Horton on Thursday, she said it all. And the words of our honored guests will resonate with us for a good while.

Thank you all for the inspiration

New Direction






Thanks for a great last meeting! We wanted to keep this short and sweet for everyone but also balance it with the importance of our sharing new direction and focuses developed by SIT. These are going to be the foundations on which we build future practices, procedures and plannings.

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 1.44.22 PM

We will be exploring these regularly but our first deep dive into it will be August 10 and August 11.


We are going to be shifting the focus of the blog over summer. We will be  sharing resources on focus areas for next year, considerations for where we will be going. These will be online resources you can read a your leisure. I encourage you to take time read these resources and any other you may get from your social media searches

Suggestion – If you follow this blog [field to the right] you will get an email notification of when the blog comes out. It will also display differently on your phone or mobile device if that’s where you read it.


Monday June 13 – Thursday June 16

  • Responsive Classroom Training – Wallace Forum Center; 8:30-3:30

Wednesday Aug 10 – Thursday Aug 11

  • WRMS Summer Planning – Wallace Forum Center, 8:30-3:30

Don't forget our summer reading! We change our school by changing our thinking and approach!Don’t forget our summer reading! If you need a copy, please see me! We change our school by changing our thinking!




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