Bulldog News 5.13.2016


The 1st Vendor Fair/Yard Sale sponsored by the Band Boosters and Mr Bowman was a great success! We had a wonderful turnout on a beautiful day! Our community really came through and showed us consistent love throughout the day! Way to go!

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wp-1463272942824.jpgOur last Bulldog Parade was a great celebration of student achievement and an awesome way to show some love to our hard working staff. Let’s remember we don’t have to wait until a time of month or special event to recognize students and teachers for the awesome people they are and their accomplishments.

Welcome aboard!

Mr William Brown, our new assistant principal starts working this Thursday! We are very happy to have him on board and bring his years of expertise to WRMS. We are looking forward to him joining us!

On a related note, we would like to thank Ms Herrington for joining our team and helping us keep afloat. We could always rely on her to to support us when we needed it and we thank her for that.


Our lunches are an interesting but successful new endeavor. We wanted to provide a means to give teachers a duty free lunch to spend time planning or collaborating or supporting students and we knew we were going to have to provide some structure for students but Friday was new enlightenment.

wp-1463272844935.jpgThese pics come from 7th grade. This first picture is from a 7th grader named Christian who has created his own ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ type game. The red notebook contains all his directions and instructions that he’s created. It funny watching him try to play this high level game with friends who don’t get it. Our kids want to do and can do – we just need to give them the option to do more.

wp-1463275259550.jpgThis second picture is just a bunch of students, enjoying a beautiful day throwing a ball back and forth between the two groups. That’s it, that simple. Earlier in the week I was the main one telling them not to go too far up on the hill or throw it too high or some other stuff but Friday I caught myself – ‘Why am I creating all these limitations?’ We have all talked about wanting our students to play outside for 10 minutes to exercise and blow some steam, this can be it.

Our kids want to be active and creative and social. Let’s facilitate that. Let’s think of some things they can do to keep them creating and engaged and challenged.

c3921946e416729ca54b0f9e495ad178Now is the time to begin thinking of your learning spaces for next year. Many of you have asked about when you can come in over the summer and put time into building up your classrooms and that’s wonderful. The work schedule for this summer is being posted below AND will be put on the WRMS Google Calendar so you will know when you can come work freely in your classroom.

We are lucky in that PTA will be working to support us in our efforts to change our learning environments. My encouragement to you is to get very creative. We have great models in our building of teachers with creative seatings [bean bags, gamers chairs], dry erase tables, and flexible room set ups. I encourage you all to research some designs [Pinterest is rife with ideas] and begin rebuilding your concept of classroom. This is another way we begin changing our learning and teaching at WRMS.

Its exciting to hear so many of you thinking about color and visuals in the room but take some time to think and talk to others about the physical spaces as well. Students deserve a lot more than the desks in the room that we occasionally allow them to reassemble.

Summer Cleaning Schedule

These dates have been added to the Google Calendar:

  • 6.13.16 – 6.19.16, Cleaning 8th Grade Hall
  • 6.20.16 – 6.26.16, Cleaning 7th Grade Hall
  • 7.1.16 – 7.7.16, Cleaning 6th Grade Hall
  • 7.11.16 Cleaning Exploratory Hall and remainder of school


Tuesday, May 17

  • 5th/6th Vertical Team Planning

Wednesday, May 18

  • SIT Meeting

Thursday, May 19

  • BT Celebration – Wallace Forum





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