Bulldog News 5.6.2016


42965ce2eaa15ad53a7a8729935267ccMay 17th we are having our first 5th/6th grade articulation conversation! We are inviting our area 5th grade teachers and administrators to the school to begin talks about our upcoming 5th graders. We’re looking for a robust talk involving what we can do to help our rising 5th graders have a great incoming year! I want to thank our 6th grade teachers for their hard work this spring in preparing for our rising 6th graders. A lot of work, planning and collaboration goes into making this work. We are looking forward to a great start to the school year.

Collaborative Planning/PD – As we work towards finishing strong, we need to make sure that we are planning good, quality activities. So often, its easy to plan what we are doing when we should start the planning with the ‘why’ and the outcome we are looking for. These considerations include:

  • Why do we need to cover this?
  • How in depth do we need to go?
  • What level of Bloom’s is this activity going to be?
  • Is there an alternate way to do this that will be less teacher-centered?

There are several more guiding questions we can provide here and we will explore more as we continue our journey to bettering our efforts to make learning more impactful at West Rowan Middle.

Our New Lunches – By now, you all have seen firsthand out new lunch concept. We’re seeing some good progress with our 7th and 8th graders and this week, we will try a modified approach with our 6th graders. This is a new way of thinking – in some ways we are figuring it out as we move through, sometimes that’s ok. We’ve got great personnel in place to make sure we can cover all bases.

Our next realization is that we have an opportunity to fill in some gap time for our students. Our serving time is almost down below 10 minutes and our kids are doing  as well as expected with what time they have left but this is an opportunity for us to plan on some great support experiences for our students. We are already in talks of getting some maker-activities up and going for students as well as some building opportunities for students. As we continue to build our new culture of student-centered learning, we want students to start embracing and utilizing support systems but in order to do that, we have to create support systems. I would like for you all to consider setting aside one day for a ‘working lunch’, inviting some students down who may need some additional support to fill in some gaps students may have. This working lunch is a means to build relationships.

This is one initiative. As we continue to grow our new culture, these new endeavors may have slow momentum at first but as we continue to implement and stress the goals we want to see, more and more will buy in and capitalize on what we want to accomplish, what we need to accomplish. All this work goes into changing our learning culture.



Great news!

Mom and Barrett Levi and both fine. I’ve been told Gwynne will probably be back at work Thursday! 😉

We love you guys! Enjoy your time off!


Clothes, clothes, we need clothes!!! Please put the word out to your students that we will be collecting uniform shirts and pants to place in our closet toward the end of the year.

Teachers please let Mrs. Horton or Mrs. Stone know of any students you feel should be separated next year in order to improve their academic and social performance.

Thanks to all the 6th grade and exploratory teachers, Officer Lindley, Mrs. Muire and Horton, and admin staff for helping with the 5th grade visits. The students had a great time and several of their schools report they are feeling much more excited about middle school.

“I have this theory that if one person will go out of their way to show compassion, then it will start a chain reaction of the same.” -Rachel Joy Scott


Monday, May 9

  • Faculty Meeting

Tuesday, May 10

  • Collaborative Planning/PD
  • Baseball/Tennis vs China Grove MS at Home
  • Volleyball/Soccer at China Grove MS
  • Hometown Heroes Celebration 7:00 pm

Wednesday, May 11

  • Protected Planning

Thursday, May 12

  • Protected Planning
  • RSS Retirement Dinner

Friday, May 13

  • Bulldog Parade – Rescheduled



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