Bulldog News 4.22.2016



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We want to thank Mrs Horton for an incredible day of sharing at our Career Day. We had fabulous participation from the community in giving our students a glimpse into careers in our world. There was a great cross section of jobs adn careers showcased.

Great job Mrs Horton and all the parties involved in supporting and organizing this event!

The ‘TECH’ Side

  • Ms. Kennington, Mrs. K, and Mrs. Brumley have all used the Google Cardboard with their students. If you are interested in using them please let me know. The students have loved it!
  • If you haven’t changed your password yet you will get an email from the county this weekend about changing it. Remember you have to setup your security questions first before you can change your password.  If you did this a couple of weeks ago you don’t have to do it again.
  • At your next grade level meetings we will talk about the Apple Classroom App (very cool), setting up student IAM accounts, and end of the year collection.
  • Mr. Pittman has a tech meeting on April 28th and will be off campus all day.


Project Based Learning

Throughout the year, we’ve been talking about project based learning. Some of us have been fortunate to see it in action during our trip to South Carolina. Its important we have a good grasp of where we are going and what we will do because next year, we will take a deep dive into project based learning as a means to really embrace our new focus on student centered learning.

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 12.39.40 PMProject based learning is different from problem based learning which we received training on last year. I’ve attached some resources to this blog, including the video above, to show some differences in what we’ve been trained on and where we are going. This dive will really make a difference in what we do, how we see learning demonstrated and the outcomes we need to see.

Important Notices

  • We’re trying a new lunch deployment for 7th and 8th graders. We are trying something new to hopefully be able to give teachers more collaboration time. We are going to be releasing the students all at once from their hallway. To help with this, we need all teachers to talk to their students about proper behavior in the hallway and what that transition should look like. This is a new venture for us and while we anticipate some challenges we are looking ahead to a great payoff
  • In order to have students select their classes for next year, they must log into their I Am accounts. We will be doing that through PE classes next Tuesday.
  • Enrichment Schedule for next week is:
    • Monday – 1st Block
    • Tuesday – 2nd Block
    • Wednesday – 3rd Block
    • Thursday – 4th Block
    • Friday – No Enrichment


‘While Mrs Shoaf takes a couple of days off, I am co-opting her space.’

We will not be having face-to-face PLC’s next week. Instead, we need all teachers to gather their data cards for their teams and update the cards. We will leave out the dots out for all to use. We will leave her room open on Monday for all grade levels to pick up cards and will give the entire week for updating. We will have our face-to-face PLC meeting on May 3rd to update. Teams need to make sure they are updating cards together, sharing the work and engaging in conversations about helping students.


We will be bringing in the rising 6th graders from our feeder elementary schools on Wednesday, April 27 and Thursday, April 28 from 9-10:30. The 6th and 7th grades will be switching schedules on that day.

“I have this theory that if one person will go out of their way to show compassion, then it will start a chain reaction of the same.” -Rachel Joy Scott


Monday, April 25

  • RSS BOE Meeting
  • Enrichment – 1st Block

Tuesday, April 26

  • RSS Principals Meeting
  • Enrichment – 2nd Block
  • Baseball/Boys Tennis vs Corriher-Lipe MS at Home
  • Soccer/Volleyball vs CLMS Away

Wednesday, April 27

  • Enrichment – 3rd Block
  • Rising 6th Grade Visit
  • Volleyball/Soccer at Mooresville Middle

Thursday, April 28

  • Assistant Principal’s Meeting
  • Enrichment – 4th Block
  • Rising 6th Grade Visit
  • Baseball/Boys Tennis vs Mooresville at Home

Friday, April 29

  • No Enrichment





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