Bulldog News 4.15.2016


wp-1460748580527.jpg We had a tremendous turnout for our rising 6th grade parents. By our best estimate we had over 110 future Bulldog families with us last night and over a dozen families who were not represented in PowerSchool. This was a great success! I want to thank our teachers for putting in a late evening and committing to receiving families and showing a great face wp-1460748543972.jpgfor WRMS. Ms Shue helped tremendously by creating the video used last night. Mr Bowman and Ms Doane manned a table and did signups all night. But the organization and promotion of the event is attributed to Ms Stone. She contacted the area schools, shared a message, collected volunteers to help and gave a great evening. Thanks all for a great night.


wp-1460748532992.jpgOur students want to recognize and celebrate the great things we do here and they particularly want to have some different fun activities and this was a great fun hour to give them. Our students work hard for us and we should be looking for opportunities to reward and highlight and laugh. wp-1460748519676.jpgThanks Ms DeAngelo for leading NJHS and having this student run event. Let’s dream big for our next event.


This is an exciting time we are in – we are building the foundation for how we will move forward, the school we want and the school our families deserve. We have had a lot of different sources for inspiration – our book reads, conversations, videos, school visits, etc – and they all add a different dimension or piece to the puzzle. So what should we focus on? What should we try to build.
I was having a great conversation with Ms Powers and Ms Brooks today about their frustration with students not turning in work and not getting the quality of work they wanted. I encourage you to talk to them to go into detail about the conversation and it went in a lot of different areas. My major takeaway was about how we have to start the school year with practices and talks [mission and vision] on day one and continue throughout the year with a positive message and that its important we don’t focus on our frustrations, but build on the hopes of what our school can be. Build our mission and vision on faith. Once we build it, we will continue the work


I presented a plan to Ms Shoaf:

  1. Work all the way up to the day you deliver
  2. Take the day off for delivery
  3. Come back to work the next day

No matter how much I tell her we will  miss her and we need her, she still wants to take her leave. So, we will all collectively just send her love and text messages!

Enjoy your time off!


Career Day is here! Thursday, April 21st your students will be exploring different careers during their exploratory classes. Students will receive their assignment cards in homeroom and will follow the schedule listed on the cards. You will receive more information on Wednesday. Please encourage your students to be good, respectful listeners.

We will be bringing in the rising 6th graders from our feeder elementary schools on Wednesday, April 27 and Thursday, April 28 from 9-10:30. The 6th and 7th grades will be switching schedules on that day.

The student/parent information night for rising 6th graders was great! Big thank you to the amazing 6th grade teachers for welcoming these families and making them feel encouraged about next year, and to Mrs. Doane and Mr. Bowman for getting them so excited about exploratory next year. Huge thanks to Mrs. Shue for creating our video and the entrance banner. Thanks also to Mrs. Poteat, Mrs. Horton, and Mrs. Cox for helping get the swarm of families checked in. Thanks to Mr. McCoy for beginning the night and getting the group excited. Big thanks to Mr. Holt and Mr. Suddeth for staying to clean up and move tables back. And thanks to every else on staff that helped us prepare for this night.

“I have this theory that if one person will go out of their way to show compassion, then it will start a chain reaction of the same.” -Rachel Joy Scott


Monday, April 18

  • Benchmark – Reading

blended-learning_infographic_final2f79c4de61cd6c0590e0ff00000e4734Tuesday, April 19

  • Blended Learning Showcase – 10:00 am
  • Baseball/Boy’s Tennis at NRMS

Wednesday, April 20

  • SIT Meeting [We’re talking Norms, Mission, Vision, Core Values]

Thursday, April 21

  • Career Day
  • Baseball/Boy’s Tennis at Erwin

Thursday, May 12

  • RSS Retirement Banquet 5:30 pm Hartley YMCA

Thursday, April 19

  • BT Celebration, 5:30 – 6:30 Location, TBD





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