Bulldog News 3.18.2016


Spring break is coming, a much needed time for relaxation and recharging. Use this time to get ready to finish strong!

Good luck to our students going on the NY trip! Before I came to WRMS, I remember going through the @westrowanmiddle Twitter feed and seeing some the pictures taken on this trip. What a great way to get kids exposed and involved in a different learning experience. Look forward to the post and sharing from this trip.

Enrichment News – This is a reminder that for this short week, our enrichment schedule will rotate by periods. Monday will be 1st period, Tuesday will be 2nd, Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th.


ICd_h2fGWEAU6lYI found this great infographic on Twitter this weekend [how many of you use Twitter for inspiration]. It is a great visualization of where we are going next year. As a school, we are working on building up the plan and components for implementation and roll out next year as a staff. But we can start thinking now about what this will look like in our classroom, hallways and school:

  • What will kids be doing?
  • Can they articulate the learning?
  • How will my role in the classroom change?
  • What will we do when kids know and don’t know information?
  • What can evidences of learning look like?

Let’s start some thought experiments now!


At our PLC meetings this week, we took some important steps toward nurturing a growth mindset in each other as a staff. First, we experienced the sharing of best practices as Mrs. Brooks and Mrs. Powers gave us effective strategies for Achieve3000 and tracking data. Kudos to these ladies for being willing to present in front of their colleagues–a task that can often be intimidating. Thank you to everyone else for being open to their suggestions and taking ideas for your own instruction. It is this open exchange of ideas that is necessary for truly collaborative planning.

You were asked to share successful lessons from your department to be posted on the Middle School Curriculum Resources Schoology group (by April 15th). Thank you to those who have already sent their lessons to me. Creating a better bank of resources will help both our school and our district to be stronger. We have  an opportunity to lead change in all middle schools through our contributions. As Mrs. Rabon reminded me today, “West is best!”

Finally, you were given choices of methods to use for self-reflection and personal growth as we reach the end of this school year and look toward possibilities for next year. You can video a lesson, share best practices, or read professional literature. By continuing to grow, learn and refine our practice, we can become more confident with the demands that are placed on us for instruction and create meaningful experiences for students.

As I reflect on this year so far, I am so proud of the work that has been accomplished, but am even more excited about the desire each of you has shown to be at your very best for your students. You make the difference!


Monday, March 21

  • Enrichment – 1st Block Classes
  • Department Meetings 2:45
  • Soccer/Volleyball at Home vs Corriher-Lipe MS 4:00 pm

Tuesday, March 22

  • PLC MeetingsEnrichment – 1st Block Classes
  • Enrichment – 2nd Block Class
  • Baseball/Boys Tennis vs Erwin MS at Home 4:00 pm

Wednesday, March 23

  • Enrichment – 3rd Block Classes
  • Book Study Group Final Meeting 2:45; Shoaf’s Room
  • Baseball/Boys Tennis at Home against Corriher-Lipe MS 4:00 pm

Thursday, March 24

  • Enrichment – 4th Block Classes

Friday, March 25

  • Optional Workday



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