Bulldog News 3.11.2016


IMG_1693Congrats to our 7th Grade Bulldogs Boys and Girls Basketball team for finishing the season with wins! We are very proud of both of them. Their tournament is this Saturday – hope you can come cheer them on!




Friday’s Visit – March 18th we will have a visit from superintendents from North and South Carolina as well as some personnel from Discovery Ed. They will be here to visit classrooms to see our efforts and successes with blended learning. They will only be here for an hour but they will have open access to all classrooms from 9:00 – 10:00. We will give them a good tour. If you will be using technology in a specific way that day, please let me or Ms Hester know so that we can plan a special stop that day.


This week I’m sharing my conversation with my 6th grade Snack and Chat group. This conversation was great! I’ve said this before but I am extending open invitation to anybody who wants to participate in a great discussion. We should be proud of our kids – they were honest, hungry and gave some great discussion.

Two great things happened: 1) I remembered to bring snacks this time [not really, I borrowed heavily from Shoaf and Horton] and 2) the kids really brought some great things to the table. Below I’m sharing the bullet list of things discussed. These are things they brought up and some I initiated. Again, these were 6th graders so some of the discussion points were specific to their hall but you can infer and make parallels to things in your classroom and hallway:

  1. We like Ms Power’s room, its colorful and inviting
  2. We like the group work in Ms Kennington’s room
  3. We need table instead of desks. Helps us work and have discussions
  4. We like the library, its bright and colorful
  5. We need snacks in our room [This was very insightful – they eat lunch at 10:30, school doesn’t let out until 2:30 and most don’t get home til 3:00 or 4:00]
  6. Some want to use microwave in cafeteria [we all want warm food]
  7. We want more PAW PARTYs. More recognition than once a month [Grade level chairs, please email me what you are doing on your hallways to recognize all students]
  8. Sitting where they want at lunch should be earned, not permanently taken away [this was great conversation]
  9. We should be able to use Minecraft in class
  10. Please recognize my second score on Achieve3000 [this blew me away, there was a loud raucous from this conversation]
  11. We should be able to carry phones to lunch and play games on the phones.
  12. We need more field trips
  13. A lot of work is punishment. Sometime teachers make work fun but then they give us more when some don’t do it

I encourage you all to take 4/7 minutes to talk to your classes and get vulnerable – ask what we can do to improve to make school more enjoyable. We have to be here, we can make school and learning look how we want. We can make it encouraging


“A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom in the pupils.”   -Ever Garrison

HELP WANTED!!! We need good quality speakers for Career Day Thursday, April 21st. Time commitment will be 7:30-12:30, but it will be very organized and they will be fed and appreciated. For everyone who secures a speaker, I will buy your lunch Monday, May 2nd. If you find more than one, you will receive an additional prize. We need people who will engage the students. There will always be an additional adult in the room. I had positive feedback form all of the participants last year and several have agreed to return. Would like to have this finalized by the end of March, so the sooner the better.

Please come cheer on the kids at the dodgeball tournament Friday, March 18th right after school!

From SAT…Just a reminder about parent requests for academic testing: any written request needs to go to Mrs. Horton or Mr. Scearce. They will make a copy of the document and share with one another. We only have 90 days from the date of the letter to complete the process. Thank you so much for all you do to support our students.

“I have this theory that if one person will go out of their way to show compassion, then it will start a chain reaction of the same.” -Rachel Joy Scott





Mr. McCoy has asked us recently to develop keywords to describe our core values as we solidify our vision for the school for next year and beyond. This has caused me to think a lot about the characteristics of strong organizations and what it takes to create a school where students and teachers can thrive.

At our LDC training this week, Mr. Brothers, Mr. Kepley, Mr. King, and I had the opportunity to work together on norms for strong, collaborative teams. We read this great article about what it takes to build effective teams:

Strong Teams, Strong Schools

Check out what we created:

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 12.35.53 PM

How did we do? Do you agree with our choices? Do these norms describe your collaborative planning process? How about your classroom? What are we missing?

Of course, we had to have a little fun along the way:IMG_1048


Monday, March 14

  • Faculty Meeting 2:45, Media Center

Tuesday, March 15

  • Book Study Talk – Turn the Ship Around 2:45, Shoaf’s Room
  • PLC meetings – an exciting opportunity and guest presenters!

Wednesday, March 16

  • Lead Literacy Coach (Lindsay Schultz) on campus from 10-12
  • District Data Visit 12:15, Shoaf’s Room
  • Book Study Talk – Turn the Ship Around 2:45, Shoaf’s Room

rules-of-digital-citizenship-cThursday, March 17

  • MS Literacy Coaches’ Meeting all day in Shoaf’s Room *They will be visiting classrooms before lunch.*
  • Baseball/Tennis vs NRMS; Volleyball/Soccer @ NRMS

Friday, March 18

  • Dodgeball Tournament

Saturday, March 19

  • EdcampRowan at Jesse Carson High School; 8:00 am



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