Bulldog News 1.29.2016


  • Our Battle of the Books team competed and did well in their first Skype practice competition!
  • Book Fair starts Monday Feb. 1st and will run through Feb. 5th.
  • Harry Potter Night is Feb 4th! We have a lot of student excitement built up for this event! A great big thank you to all who have volunteered to help out!! 🙂
  • Digital Learning Day is February 17. I have put together a list of different things you can do leading up to this day (a lot of it you are already doing). For everything you do your name will get entered to win a … $25 dollar iTunes gift card and a WEEK of duty free lunch! Click the link for all the details! https://goo.gl/8TBxgu
  • Once the students update their iPads to 9.2.1 the App Store will be gone! There is no more workarounds that the students can do to download games and texting apps. The tech department is also working on the problem with Number, Pages, and Keynote. If your students don’t have them already have them download google docs and slides to use in place of Pages and Keynote.
  • Big congrats to our Wrestling Team – our Bulldogs are the 2015-2016 Champs! It was an exciting all day event and truly ALL our boys victories and competitions helped them secure the win! Great job guys!
    These two coaches did an incredible job this year!
    These two coaches did an incredible job this year!



Although we have had students in school for very few days in the last two weeks, I find myself dragging more than usual on a Friday afternoon. Why do short weeks always seem so long? The answer is that we easily fall out of our familiar routine. This week, my body has been craving consistency and structure even more than french fries and ice cream. I feel like I am at my best when my sleep schedule and work schedule stay relatively the same.

Guess what? So do our students! Students thrive in an environment that is structured and consistent because they know what is expected of them and feel safe enough to participate. At the beginning of the year, we implemented a two-week procedures boot camp to establish routines for our students. The beginning of the second semester (or after any long break) is a perfect time to revisit your classroom procedures. Here are some questions to think about:

  • Which procedures are my non-negotiables?
  • How are my students following through on classroom procedures? Do we need to go back and practice or clarify anything?
  • Are there any procedures that I have been slack about enforcing? Are they still important? Would enforcing them have a positive impact on the class culture?
  • Is there anything that I should add to our class structure that might alleviate issues that have come up recently?
  • Do I need help with any of this? Who can help me?

Use this link for some ideas about procedures that your class may need.Unknown


“Working hard is important. But there is something that matters more: Believing in Yourself.” -Harry Potter.  We believe in you! And remember when something is hard it means we are growing and gaining strength. Let us know if we can help you grow.

Teachers remember if you have a student who is struggling academically or behaviorally a referral to the Student Assistance Team can be a great place to explore options for student success.

Reminder Jenny will begin registering 8th grade students for their high school classes the beginning of February, so she will be coming by classes in the next couple of weeks to start the process.

Teachers please remember to look in your Google drive at your grade levels’ 504 accommodation Sheet to review the accommodations. We are halfway through the year so can all use a look to make sure we are providing accommodations. Please let Lynn know if you have questions about any or if you think we need to update any student’s 504 plan.


Monday, Feb 1

  • Department Meetings after school – Please send your Enrichment feedback to Mrs. Hester by Tuesday. *Faculty Meeting changed to February 15th*

Tuesday, Feb 2

  • PLC Meetings: Data Wall orientation and Achieve3000 strategies

Wednesday, Feb 3

  • Event

Thursday, Feb 4

  • LDC/MDC Training for some staff at Horizons (Shoaf gone)
  • Harry Potter Night

Friday, Feb 5

  • Bulldog Parade – Please remember to make your recommendations for our great people to be recognized!

Friday, Feb 12

  • Early Release Day
  • Required meeting for all teachers at South Rowan High School from 2:00 to 3:30



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