Bulldog News 1.22.2016


Congrats to our Girl Bulldog Basketball Team on their Championship Victory! This was a hard fought game all the way through but girls proved there is nothing like #bulldogtenacity!

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This was a great week for us. This is my 20th year in education, I’ve had lots of learning experiences and pd that have helped change me as a learner and leader. I can easily say that the school visit, faculty meeting and school lunch were some of the most transformational and fun experiences I’ve had in memory.

I’m thankful for the staff who went with me to SC and visited Meadow Glen Middle. None of us had an idea about what to expect but we were all blown away by what we experienced. We tried to give you all an idea during our fishbowl discussion but in truth, we hardly scratched the surface. There are lots of major points and nuances we still have to unpack to fully appreciate and understand and I encourage you all to keep talking to different visitors to find out what they saw and what they think.

People have been asking me what we are going to do different here at WRMS. My answer today is the same thing I said regularly that day – tomorrow will look the same but a new day is coming! This visit was real evidence that there has been something missing that will take us to another level of revolutionary learning and teaching. This was a catalyst for our future talks and planning. We will work on incremental, sustainable and impactful changes to our school. I need everyone to know that what we have seen, what has truly inspired us are planned movements that will not be superficial, surface changes. We will all have to dig deep, challenge what we have been taught, what we hold dear and embrace the fact that to yield significant results, we will make significant changes!

But the great this is, we can do it! #bulldogtenacity

And to end that great talk, we had this awesome feast! Thanks Ms Muire for heading this up from the early onset, even cutting lemons the day of! We had a lot of hands helping set up including Ms Brumley and Ms Rabon. This great event was about fellowship and getting full on some well seasoned shrimp! Next time, we’ll hope for a bigger turnout!

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I wanted to take my space for this week to say a huge “thank you” to everyone. Because you have all been so willing to try Guided Instruction this year, we are ahead of the game and I brag on you every chance I get. This has allowed us to focus on fine-tuning our instructional processes and meeting your needs and requests in our time together.

The last two weeks have been some of my best experiences in PLC meetings so far. We talked about student motivation and engagement and filled in some gaps with Guided Instruction. Your open conversation and willingness to reflect on your practice has helped me to know how to be a better coach for you. Hopefully, you have gotten at least one idea or strategy that you could take away and use immediately from each of those meetings.

This week, we will be exploring our Data Wall and working on Achieve3000. Please be thinking of a content standard for which you could assign an article in the next few weeks. You can also bring any questions you still have about the program, as well as what has worked (or not) when you assign an article to your students. Math teachers, don’t worry– there will be something for you as well!

On a different note, I hope to complete the coaching cycle with the last few people in the next two weeks. If I haven’t worked with you yet, you are on my list! 😉 If you have completed the coaching cycle process with me already, I will have a sign-in sheet for you at PLCs this week. It will count as part of our flipped professional development credits.

 Go to Girls

We are here for you and here to help as we continue increasing our positive culture. Remember,  “The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything.” And, “ Believe you can and you are halfway there.”

Reminder – Jenny will begin registering 8th grade students for their high school classes the beginning of February, so she will be coming by classes in the next couple of weeks to start the process.

Lynn keeps battling to keep communication flowing with our homebound students.   She continues contacting parents, homebound teachers, and students. Teachers please remember you may be the best contact as these parents need to hear from you. Please keep Lynn informed regarding any problems and she will gladly assist.

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  • Achieve 3000 Level Set – Achieve 3000 has set the Interim LevelSet® for Developing Readers to begin on Thursday, January 21th. Developing readers are those students who have a caution symbol that appears beside their name on the class roster.  The LevelSet® assessment will come up as a choice when these students log in on or after January 21th. This will allow students to complete the Interim before the next regular monthly Lexile level adjustment on February 1st. For additional information about the LevelSet® interim assessment, see the tips on the Achieve 3000 website at http://launch.achieve3000.com/implementation/interim-levelset/
  • High School orientation at West High School – February 18th 6:00
  • Data Team visit – March 16 – 12:15pm


Wednesday, Jan 27

  • Regional Staff Meeting in our Media Center 4:00 – 5:00

Thursday, Jan 28

  • Report Cards go home

Friday, Jan 29

  • Jeans Day – Student Council

Monday, Feb 1

  • Faculty Meeting

Tuesday, Feb 2

  • Lockdown Drill – 9:00
  • PTA Popcorn Party 12:40

Thursday, Feb 4

  • Harry Potter Night

Friday, Feb 5

  • Bulldog Parade

Friday, Feb 12

  • Early Release Day
  • Hoops for Heart – WRMS Gym
  • RSS Teaching Staff Meeting 2:00 – 3:30 at South Rowan HS – Mandatory for all teachers



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