Bulldog News 1.15.2016


CYtM5ViWAAAlhi-Mr. Pittman will be presenting at a conference January 14 – 15. We are sure he did a great job representing himself and WRMS!

Congrats to Mr Bowman and Ms Doane for a spectacular performance and turnout at the Winter Concert held at WRHS Auditorium! There were people standing against the wall happily enjoying the wonderful performances of our kids! It was a packed house! Parents were very complimentary about the performance and growth of our kids! That night was a great example of having high expectations for students and their performance and seeing kids reach that expectation! Thanks and congrats to you both!

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  • Right before Christmas break Mr. Kepley’s 1st block class did a Mystery Skype with a class from New York.  If you have never done a Mystery Skype before both classes have twenty yes or no questions to figure out where the other class is located.  Mr. Kepley’s class was able to figure out first that the other class was from Buffalo, New York.  Not only does this help the students with their geography skills but it also helps them with their critical thinking.  If this is something you might be interested in doing with your class contact Mr. Pittman.
  • Big shout out to those who have completed all of their badges!
    • Mr. Brothers, Ms. Brumley, Ms. Doane, and Mrs. HolmesFullSizeRender-2
  • With the Panthers dabbing (is that even a word) their  way to the playoffs I thought this might be something that could help your students out!FullSizeRender-3
  • Our Battle of the Books team will be participating in several Skype book battles during their lunch at after school with students from all over the state in preparation for our district battle of the books competition.
  • Harry Potter night is coming Feb. 4th from 6-8. Plans are in the making and as they come together I will keep you posted! If you are able to help out that night and volunteer your time and your classroom I will bring you the breakfast of your choice from Bojangles the next norming 🙂Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 12.39.15 PM
  • We are the winners of a mini grant for creating a makerspace in the library! Our supplies should be here soon so that we can start this wonderful student centered space in our schools. Students will be provided with several options to create and design in areas they are interested in. Just a few things we will be getting include a 3Doodler pen ( a very small much cheaper version of a 3D printer) and a few Makey Makey kits!                                          Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 12.40.13 PM


Jenny, Mindy, and Lynn want you to know we are here for you! We are now part of the revived weekly blog.
We hope to provide you with meaningful information that will be helpful in your classroom and beyond.

It is time to begin thinking about Career Week, which will be March 7-11. On March 10, we will have our second annual Career Day! We want to have a variety of quality presenters who can share their knowledge, experience, and expertise with our students. Please begin thinking of people you know who would be good for our students to hear from so they can begin thinking of what they might do in the future! They will need to be here from 7:30am-12:40pm on March 10. Lunch will be provided to all presenters!

Jenny will begin registering 8th grade students for their high school courses beginning in February. She will be visiting classes at the end of January to start the process.

Mindy is continuing to address attendance issues and is contacting parents and students who have six or more unexcused absences. Teachers, please remember that you are the best first contact a parent needs to hear from when a student is absent! I will gladly get involved once they have missed 6 days unexcused.

We are continuing to revamp the Student Assistance Team process so we can provide you with the support needed when working with some of our most challenging students.

Quote of the week: “A teacher takes hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart”


At our PLC meetings last week, we discussed ways to motivate and engage reluctant learners in the classroom. You guys work so hard to implement all of the initiatives that are in place for our school and district, but there are students who are not turning in work. This applies directly to the Achieve3000 program. Articles are being assigned on a regular basis, but students do not always complete the assignments, or they are guessing and getting low scores on their first try. I will be glad to co-teach or do a model lesson on Achieve3000 in your classroom and we will work on using the program in our next PLC meeting.

I cannot emphasize enough how effective Achieve3000 can be for our school if we can establish routines for using it correctly. WRMS students who have been using the program regularly (two articles per week) have increased their Lexile scores by an average of 16 points already! There is also a positive relationship between meeting the Achieve3000 goals and increasing their overall proficiency on the DE Reading Benchmark.

Mr. McCoy has put a wristband incentive program in place for students who complete 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35 activities on Achieve3000 at the 75% level. They will show Mrs. Shue their data to receive these wristbands on the first Friday of every month. Students who complete the target of 40 activities at 75% will receive a district-level wristband from Dr. Moody. I believe there will be some discounts at local businesses attached to this accomplishment.

What can we do here at school to motivate our students with Achieve3000?

Here are some reminders from our last training session with Tracy Bailey from Achieve3000:

  • Pre-teach the assigned article for 5-10 minutes as a whole class to pique their interest and activate background knowledge.
  • Use the Career Center to help them set goals for their future and to see what growth they will need to make in order to be prepared for the career of their choice.
  • Talk with students regularly about their data in the program and celebrate growth.
  • Incorporate the Reading Connections (recycle buttons), but try to focus on one particular strategy at a time.
  • Click on the print icon within an article to access a .pdf version so students can preview the activity questions before and during their reading.
  • Pair the graphic organizers and other strategies in the Curriculum Key (Teacher’s Guide) with the articles to enhance thinking and learning.
  • Work through the Stretch Article and Activity as a whole class before or after students read the article on their level.

Remember that the district expectation is that you will monitor students’ progress weekly through the report data and conference with students about their work. Be sure to provide feedback periodically on their writing. At the beginning of each month, you can check to see how students Lexiles have adjusted to set goals, choose strategies, and form guided groups.

Summary of Achieve3000 Reports

Guide for Interpreting Student Lexiles


Saturday, Jan 16

  • Middle School Basketball Tournament at North Rowan High School

Monday, Jan 18

  • Holiday

Tuesday, Jan 19

  • Required Teacher Workday
  • Math Teachers PD
  • School Visit – South Carolina

Wednesday, Jan 20

  • Required Teacher Workday
  • Faculty Meeting
  • Committee Meetings
  • Bulldog Boil!

Thursday, Jan 21

Friday, Jan22

  • Jeans Day



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