Bulldog News Week of 10.05.2015



Thursday, we had our first data team meeting of the year. We had a great first discussion about our DiscoveryEd benchmark data. Representatives from each group were represented as we went into several discussions about question selection, student skills and answer choices, and how all this relates to our teaching style, design and delivery. Please make sure you speak to your rep about some of the things we discussed at the meeting. [On that note, we are looking to grow data team numbers. See your rep for details]

One thing I’d like to bring up specifically is vocabulary instruction. The data team reviewed a question wherein students had to deduce the meeting of a word from context. Two important things to note here: 1) length of the passage [we ALL have to help build reading stamina. One or two paragraphs won’t do it] and 2) there was very little information given regarding the word. The only way we are going to prepare students for this type of assessment is to give them vocabulary IN context or design activities where they have to create meaning. I happened to visit Ms Brawley’s room wherein she had designed station work with some great vocabulary activities. Check out the work and I Can/EQs on the board.

Make sure you are planning and delivering rigorous work for students to properly prepare them for what we need them to do. We have some great resources on staff in Ms Shoaf, Ms Marrero and your collaborators on each grade level. Make sure you are utilizing your co-planners and Mrs Shoaf as we move forward.


Earlier this week, I posted an assignment on Schoology – Five Practices That Provoke Misbehavior. This is a great article that should cause some self reflection. These are some good quick informal considerations for us to use in looking at what WE do in the classroom. It is undeniable that students misbehave, but what is always the question is why the misbehavior occurred. The above article is a good quick read to start us thinking.

This video was created by a separate source but it is another good source to reference for some things we should consider and strive towards.

Misbehaviors are frustrating.  When they happen, its easy for us to react and sometimes when we react we miss the cause of the problem or lose sight of a child in need. Its constant work on our part to remain professional and look at changing the problem, not just punishing a child. I’ve shared this earlier but we need to revisit to make sure we are all on the same page – my job in disciplining students is to redirect, not to punish. If you have a concern I need you to discuss it with your grade level AP or me. I can promise you we will develop a game plan, support will be immediate. It will vary from student to student but we will do what’s best to get that child re-engaged.


Of course this week we need to celebrate our new collaborative spaces. I took this video of some students working in our rooms so you could hear from them directly:

Several of you let students immediately begin using this space to do work. Shout out to Mr Kepley – I saw him several times monitoring students from his classes who were working in the new room on a project. A simple walk helps with engagement and quality work.

Our visit was a spectacular success. I’ve shared several of the emails/notes I’ve received from district office and community members about our fantastic visit and school. Again, you all deserve all this credit – your vision and hard work are real reasons this came about.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These spaces have students fired up to learn. They are colorful and inviting! Carry some of that into your classrooms. Give students some color and areas they can be excited to come to.

You guys are amazing! Your teamwork/creativity/vision has blown me away!


Monday 10/5

  • Softball vs Erwin MS Away

Tuesday 10/6

  • Softball/Tennis vs Mooresville at Home
  • 7th Grade Football vs China Grove at Home

Wednesday 10/7

  • 8th Grade Football vs China Grove at Home

Thursday 10/8

  • Happy birthday Ms Doane
  • Softball/Tennis vs SEMS at Home

Saturday 10/10

  • Happy birthday Ms Atwook
  • Happy birthday Coach Epps



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