Bulldog News Week of 9.21.2015


The saying change is hard is very real and this week it struck home. While change is necessary, it is also an emotional journey. This week we are forced to make some unavoidable adjustments, adjustments that mean we have to say goodbye to a dear friend and shift some teams around.

We will miss Ms Durham. She has been a family member for years and great teacher, collaborator. I want to thank her for her attitude about this whole change. This is understandably difficult and through it all, she is showing tremendous character. This has been especially difficult for her because she dedicates a lot of time to building relationships with students and that is evident. We will miss her impact and wish her well in her new home.

As Ms Smith, Mr King, Ms Miller and Ms Burns transition to their new positions, please support them as much as possible. We need to rally behind them in their moves and new subject areas.

I know this whole period of not knowing has given you all a lot of questions and caused some uneasiness and trepidation. This will be a period of healing and adjustment for all. Let’s remember those of us most affected by this and bring as much support as we can.

Schoology Groups

I have just created three Schoology groups for each WRMS grade level. This will be a great place for me/us to share out info to the kids directly. It is a local group, school level only. My vision here is for internal communications. Please take a moment to share Invite Codes with your classes – I want everyone in:

  • 6th Graders – VPFVD-PDX62
  • 7th Graders – 42GV3-2TP5D
  • 8th Graders – K55WK-72F2H

Again, please make sure you post this. Encourage students to have their parents join as well! And of course, please join any groups and all groups you’d like. This is about building #bulldogcommunity!

Oh Snap!

I just received word and pictures on this and had to update this post. It is worth the reshare!

After Mr Sweet and Mr Young have worked to relocate the workout equipment, Ms Elledge has been hard at work breaking down the old tech furniture in the Mr Brother’s former room. With some of the deconstructed furniture, Ms Current, Ms Brawley, Ms MacDonald and Ms De’Angelo came up with this innovation:

20150920_151107 20150920_151121

This new creative, awesome table was made from bases of these old desks:


A couple of unscrews and you have this new modular, worktops that encourage kids to work creatively and collaboratively. The tops came from these old pieces that I’m sure Ms Elledge will NOT mind disappearing!

20150920_151533 20150920_151540 20150920_151605

A power screwdriver/drill and some advice from these ladies will help you along the way! Way to go


This weekend I attended @edcampqc. Its the edcamp hosted by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. This was a great learning event. I love the power of informal learning and connecting with others who are trying to grow their schools. There were educators from all over NC and some from out of state to come and participate in the learning discussions. Great talks yesterday!

In addition to the conversations, the host school itself was a PD opportunity. Hawk Ridge ES has spent years repurposing a lot of classrooms and just redesigning school space to make it more appealing, vibrant, inviting and downright motivating to learn in. Check out the slideshows below to see some of the great things they have done with imagination and effort.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Personally, I got to reconnect with a lot of great friends, people who helped me grow over the years. But professionally, I was inspired by the informal learning talks at the event and was even more blown away by what this school has done with learning spaces. Let’s keep our momentum moving forward with our redesign efforts. Even though we have our design challenge right in front of us, we have a ‘Transformation’ Mindset that will help us really grasp what we trying to do and help us see what is possible.


Monday, September 21

  • Happy birthday Ms Pender
  • Department Meetings in Dept Chair’s Room

Tuesday, September 22

  • 7th Grade Football vs Knox MS at Home

Wednesday, September 23

  • Happy birthday Ms Dakin
  • 8th Grade Football vs Knox MS at Home

Thursday, September 24

  • Softball and Tennis at North Rowan MS

Friday, September 25

  • Jean Day


A Project-Based Learning Spectrum: 25 Questions To Guide Your PBL Planning – Some guiding questions for your PBL design. Give them a look and talk up with in your collaborations

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