Bulldog News Week of 9.14.2015


Collaborative Planning

20150910_073422Thanks for a great week of talks and observations. As we are still building our understanding of what our plannings will entail, its good to keep in mind that we are engaging in our talks and collaboration to make a difference in our individual classrooms, our teammates classrooms and every room in the school. This is a growth process and journey and it will require significant work and effort from everyone. I’m put in mind of a quote Ms McNeely read last week over the intercom – ‘If there is no struggle, there is no progress’ from Frederick Douglas! This resonated with her and prompted her to share how this was so fitting an appropriate! Thanks for that! #myshero

New Additions!

Welcome aboard! Join me in welcoming Ms Lori Marrero and Mr Chris Gillion to the Bulldog Family! We are very happy to have them aboard! Ms Marrero is our new assistant principal While she has an interim status, she will be with us at least for the school year. We are looking forward to her valuable contributions. Her last post was a principal of a 1:1 brand new middle school she opened. Mr Gillion is our new head custodian and comes highly recommended with a ton of great references and experiences. It feels like its taken awhile for us to complete our family but it happened at just the right time! Glad you guys are here!

Plickers in Use!

Its great to see how we are integrating our digital tools in classes to help with engagement and formative assessment. This is the latest peek from Ms Holmes room:

I ended the video about 10 seconds too early – one of her 8th graders got very loud in his excitement in using this digital formative assessment tool. We’ve got experts on all three grade levels and of course, Mr Pittman and Ms Shue. Let’s capitalize on excitement and keep learning moving forward!

Great First Dance!

If you stayed around Friday night, you experienced a treat! Our first dance was an unqualified success

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Serious accolades go out to Ms DeAngelo and the WRMS Student Council! Great job!

[This one goes out to everyone on duty Friday Night – #WRMSBULLDOGSWatchMe!]


This is a great share on our flexible learning spaces. We are all working on finding ways to create a classroom environment that is welcoming and promotes a culture of learning and collaboration. We have all done what we can with what we have and have reused and repurposed all that we can get our hands on. Working on our Design Challenge space has got me thinking about how much it costs to create a flex learning space even after all of the corners have been cut.

Many of us want flex learning spaces that are modern but that can quickly become costly. I wanted to share with you a few ways to save your own money and still get the stuff you want to create the ideal flex learning space in your classroom.

We all know there is great power in grant writing. We have seen those who have been very successful in grant writing. Sometimes grants are hard to receive for a few reasons; the number of them that are available are limited, they have deadlines, and the board that looks over them are the ones that hold the future of your idea in their hands. So what else is there to do. I have a few suggestions 🙂

DonorsChoose.org is an amazing resource at our disposal. All you have to do is set up a free account, write a few short paragraphs about your idea and how you plan to use it, and select the materials you want! Once you have done all of that all you have to do is share the link provided to you and send it out to the world!! Donors Choose allows everyone you know and even those you don’t the opportunity to donate to your amazing project!!!

Another option that is available is GoFundMe.com Just like Donors Choose you write up what you want and why you want (writing about the impact it will have on your students never hurts ) publish it and then share the link!!

However you choose to raise money for your flex learning space don’t be afraid to publicize all of your hard work and all you hope to accomplish. Share your link and website on sources such as Twitter, Facebook, Schoology, whatever you can think of. You will be surprised by how many people will be willing to give. Friends, family, parents, and strangers are willing to support your goals in creating a better brighter future for our students! I will be happy to help anyone who is interested in using any of these sources!




  • SIT Meeting – 2:45 Media Center
  • Softball vs Mooresville Away – MakeUp Game


  • 7th Grade Football vs CLMS at Home


  • 8th Grade Football vs CLMS at Home


  • Protected Planning
  • Softball vs Knox Away



  • Birthday – Michelle Pender



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