Bulldog News Week of 8.24.2015


Happy Sunday-Before-The Best-Day-of-the-School-Year!

I really hope you are all rested up and ready for an action packed week! This is always a great moment to ‘be-in’ – some excitement, nervousness, good anticipation for a great unknown. I don’t care how many times I experience a first day of school, there is always a great feeling excitement that accompanies it!

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This Blog

One of the things the staff has expressed to me is a need for better communication. That has stayed with me and I am looking forward to us making great strides in that area. This blog is one attempt at making sure we are sharing all pertinent, needed information and that we use multiple options to accommodate different needs/styles/preferences.
We will be sharing weekly, sometimes biweekly, recaps and future glances. Its my goal to make sure you have the information you need to function well and that you keep building a good personal connection with the school, your team, and grade level.

Happy Birthday Mr Pittman!12121001-birthday-puppy-english-bulldog-wearing-party-hat-and-silly-glasses-on-white-background-Stock-Photo

Great Celebration for our World Champs!

If you were around downtown and Hurley Park this weekend, you caught a great treat! The City of Salisbury really showed love for our girls. The parade downtown was awesome, the ceremony in the park was awesome [and hot]! It was great to see us well represented there, showing love and support to our girls. From these pictures, you can see there was nothing but smiles and love that day.

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Open House

We had tons of people show up, collected and shared some great information, had great lines, celebrated a lot and learned a lot for next time – all in all, I count our Open House as a great success!

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Awesome preparation!

I can’t say enough about how great your rooms look. Its evident that you all have great pride in your rooms and making sure that students are well-received in rooms that are colorful, caring, nurturing and very welcoming.
Take some time to visit other rooms on other hallways. Some teachers are doing some very creative things with flexible spaces, use of full classroom and overall set up.
Keep growing your room! It should not be a static representation of your organization.

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This space is set aside for ‘dreaming.’ As we have conversations, find innovations from conferences, social media, etc, we will post some things here to get us talking and planning. We won’t jump on every bandwagon, but we will use this space to paint some pictures of what we can do right now or tomorrow, to make good difference in teaching and learning.

Our first share is going to be on our design challenge. Remember, we are redesigning our space to flex based on kids/classroom/learning needs. I’m sharing two videos, one on makerspaces and one on flexible spaces. This just to get you thinking about some possibilities.

‘bodies in motion = brains in motion’

If you come across a topic you’d like to share, please email me, Hester, Shoaf, Shue or Pittman. We will be glad to share.



  • First day of school, 6:45 report time
  • Faculty meeting afterschool, first day debrief




  • SIT Meeting – 2:45 Media Center





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